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On Complementarity Rationalist Humanism Rejuvenated

Author Name: Rajeev Sane | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

Philosophy has strayed away from its main task of clarifying proprieties of pursuits in human- life and has got caught up in methodology, logic and Linguistics. Too much hair-splitting is done about truth, knowledge, reality and language. Our main concerns should be Duty, Beauty, Piety and Complementarity. Substantial factors of fortuity and self-earned conditions are simply not considered in political philosophy. 

Equality is too problematic to take it as an ethical principle. Justice is being over-emphasized than Non-violence and Prosperity (almost in vain). The disaster of scientific socialism had its roots in Marxian theory itself. Antagonistic radicalisms including radical feminism are deepening the problems than solving them. Scientism (Materialist reductionism) is under-cutting the very sense of Responsibility! Existentialist and Post-Modernist traditions are leading to nowhere and only generating despair and sense of meaninglessness. Deep-Ecology is becoming Anthropo-phobic and blocking Human progress. Religious dogmatisms and fundamentalisms cannot be fought with by merely refuting truth-claims of their beliefs. A ‘non-supernatural’ spirituology will have to earn ‘therapeutic’ success over the clutches of religions. 

Any pair of required factors ‘competing as well as complementary’ is a dialectical pair. Their balance has to be finely tuned and wisdom lies precisely there. One-sided thinking often destroys the balance and intensifies Evils. There is an eminent possibility of convergence towards universal humanist ethic and scope for common minimum program in spite of multitude of ethics. 

In short, there is a possibility of a constructive, ameliorative and reconciliatory path for humanity at this juncture of human history.

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Rajeev Sane

Rajeev Sane is a public intellectual from Maharashtra, India, who has created his distinctive mark through his lectures, articles and books in Marathi. At young age he started as a justice warrior especially in workers’ movement. Later on he realized that without advancement in Prosperity and Non-violence, Justice is going to remain far less than adequate. So his position is a pro-economic growth and against Identity politics. His political-economic position is ‘market-socialism’. He is a modernist (neither ‘pre’ nor ‘post’). He recognizes that Human rationality is inadequate but has been developing more & more on the whole. He welcomes advances in technology (although critically) because he is for Prosperity with Upliftment of All (though not simultaneously). He also recognizes the democratizing influence of communication revolution. He is an advocate of Spirituality without Religion. 

He distinguishes knowledge at prudent and pragmatic level, normative and ethical level and view of life at spiritual level. His passion is a quest for universal ethic, about which he hopes that not congruence but convergence is definitely possible, as over-arching issues before mankind become more and more global and urgent. He typically sees metaphysical and ontological questions in terms of what impact they leave on the ethical attitudes of the believers. 

His main thesis is that in many situations two beneficial requirements come in conflict. None of them can be neglected. Keeping fine and specific balance between them is not at all contradictory but in fact it is the key for ameliorating evils.