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Potential Plus Do Justice To Yourself!

Author Name: Nimish Ramesh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Pressure to succeed, trying to be more successful than your peers, planning and supporting your family while at the same time finding a job close to your passion only to realize later that this is not what you really want. The feeling of anxiety and panic when you realize you are going nowhere, not finding a better half and worst of all, not being aware of your own passion. You are earning pretty good but just not enough because you are in debt and focus only on clearing your EMIs, month after month. One debt is cleared and the other one starts leading you to living in an autopilot mode. Don't Worry! Welcome to the Club comprising at least 70% millennials!

This book will take you through the life journey of a typical millennial of the current generation. You will relate to where you stand with respect to this journey and learn what actions need to be taken to turn around your life.  Nobody wants to be a mediocre individual and it all boils down to your belief system, overcoming your fears and taking that first step to your dream life. 

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Nimish Ramesh

With a mission to empower people from various walks of life, Nimish Ramesh has dedicated himself to make people realize that they can be much more than they already are. All the power and answers lie within ourselves; it is just a matter of taking that leap of faith and taking action.  Nimish is an Engineer turned MBA turned senior HR Professional turned Life Coach and is on a mission to help people realize, unlock, achieve and go beyond their potential.