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Pre - Big Bang Era The Unification of Universal Theories and Understandings

Author Name: Mani Mohamed | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The author aims to generate interest in science and the general search for knowledge as well as to challenge limiting or dogmatic beliefs which often get in the way of our understanding of how the universe works. Our universe gives only a brief moment to shine a haven in time safe from its fiery birth and icy death. Black holes become the fundamental building block of the universe in the next cyclic conformal universe.

This book gives a glimpse and never before the journey through how the universe was or might have been before the Big Bang i.e. the Pre-Big Bang Era and a change in the thought around space-time, the curvature, gravity and the end of everything to an icy death. It also deals with the space-time continuum and formation of a newer universe, the black hole with the emergence of dark matter and dark energy; Also, with DNA-C (cosmic) and consciousness in the particle zoo with information lost or retrieved, when all things are revolving around the space-time equity. The never-ending saga of universal birth and death, with parallel anti-universe, black hole and light is switched off. Time paused or jammed or reversed. Past, present and in the menial time lapse. The ‘Time Janya” “ज” the crystal particles of time when paused and the ‘Punarjani’ of the universal saga of new worlds and new startup universe. And cross border paradox, uncertainty, transformations, with Minkowski's unified space-time, future and to preserve the independence of the two. Overall, the book relies on the unification of universal theories and understandings in science so far. ‘SATHYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM!’

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Mani Mohamed

The author is an engineer by profession. He is engaged in social service to society. And also, he is always in quest of knowledge on all frontiers and thoughts that have emerged since humans stepped in. Since scientific knowledge and research has become part of livelihood and advancement. Finding how the universe evolved and revolves around human life with a beginning and ending is a quest in humans. So long assumptions, theoretical approaches have been proved to connect through experiments. Hence, theoretically, another diverted approach being initiated through this book for unification and understandings of many theories.

Swaadhyaayatmaapramadhah!  What you learnt, ever do revise it!