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R.S. English Grammar, Translation & Composition A gateway to the world of English grammar

Author Name: Roshan Lal Saini | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

English is a peculiar language. As it grows towards being one of the world’s most used language, from government offices to world literature, it has become quite important to learn and understand the nuances of English.

For example, both ‘Present Participle’ and ‘Gerund’ have the same form (ing form), as expressed here:

●Walking is a good exercise.

●I have a walking stick.

‘Walking’ is used as Gerund in one sentence and present participle in other. How to distinguish between the two?

Turn to the chapter on ‘Non-Finite’ and find out! This book is full of such easy to understand explanation of the basics of English grammar and will help you in your journey towards mastering the language.

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Roshan Lal Saini

A post-graduate in English, Hindi and Education Roshan Lal Saini hails from the historic city of Panipat. He has always had a very keen interest in teaching the English language. After starting his professional career as the Principal of a public school, Mr. Saini later joined the Education Department of the Haryana Government. With three decades of experience in teaching English and a district award for teaching, Mr. Saini came across the problems of many students in learning English, so he decided to make it easy by writing this book, so that even the students who are very poor in the English language can understand and get good results.