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Reboot Your Life, Your Way A Playbook To Break Up With I Am Not Enough And To Live Your Joy

Author Name: Erica de Souza | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Perfect partner, perfect daughter, perfect mom, perfect manager, perfect shoulder to cry on, perfect planner... The only thing that’s not perfect? A perfectly overwhelmed you. 

If you are living your life like a formula one race car driver, pedal to the metal in your drive for perfection, it’s not really you driving. That’s your inner overachiever. What might actually benefit you more is to pause, regroup, and strategically win your race – instead of burning out. 

It’s time to REBOOT and fuel up on the right energy. Purposeful energy is powerful because it’s the fuel that feeds your life’s strategy. 

Life what? 

A Life Strategy: 

• The GPS that aligns your vision with your focus, moving you towards the life you choose to lead. 

• The road-map that takes a long hard look at where you’re coming from so that you reconfigure your life towards where you want to be. 

• A change in direction which involves setting boundaries that allow you to lead a life that’s healthy for you. 

The essence of this playbook is to highlight your mind’s clutter and press delete once and for all. Don’t read this as just another book. Think of it as the plasticine which will remould your story. Play with it. Have fun.

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Erica de Souza

Erica de Souza, CPCC, PCC, is a certified co-active life coach and founder of Coached by Erica. A strong advocate of self-leadership, she helps people who want to REBOOT whilst they’re busy with the practicalities of daily living. 

A reformed perfectionist, she has walked the path she describes within this book herself and with her clients, to reclaim a version of themselves that’s confident, aligned, and empowered to build the life they want to lead. 

She has worked in the hospitality industry and has a B.A. in Psychology & Sociology (India) and a B.Sc. in Hospitality Management (USA). She is a certified image consultant and soft skills trainer. She currently resides in Mumbai, India. When she isn’t coaching, you will find her walking her two adorable adopted dogs by the seaside.