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Recent Advances in Cardiovascular Medicine Incorporating Ocular- Based Artificial Intelligence for Systemic Diseases and 3D Printing Technologies.

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Science and technology are constantly changing fields. New research and experience broaden the scope of information and knowledge. Over the past few years ,numerous innovations have been taken place and it was a herculeous task to choose a few of them (list of chapters in the content section of this book) to make the foundation of this book “Recent advances in cardiovascular medicine”.Conventionally, the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease is made by obtaining routine 12-leads ECG, Echocardiography and cardiovascular CT technology. Even among these technologies ,newer innovations have been taken place such as new 80-lead ECG system, which  helps to  detect silent myocardial Infarct, Heart Sciences MyoVista ECG Device shows promise in detecting abnormal cardiac function, Wavelet ECG In Development may offer new data for cardiac diagnostics and Artificial Intelligence  integration into ECG, Similarly newer cardiovascular CT technology for diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and transformative technology of 3D printing in congenital  heart diseases are worth mentioning and certainly likely  to help for making better diagnosis and management.

Recently introduced Artificial intelligence technology which has been shown to revolutionize the scientific technologies in almost all the scientific fields ,Artificial Intelligence in the diagnosis and management of cardiac arrhythmias and Ocular images-based Artificial Intelligence  in  diagnosis of systemic  diseases Including Cardiovascular Ailments.


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K C Verma

Dr. K.C Verma MD, DCH, DM has a brilliant record of academic achievements and vast teaching experience. in the discipline of Medicine and cardiology. Dr. Verma completed his graduation (MBBS) from medical College, Srinagar, Diploma in Child Health (DCH) from Punjabi University, Patiala and Doctorate in Medicine (MD) from Punjab University Chandigarh. He later showed keen interest towards Cardiovascular Medicine and obtained his Post-doctoral Degree in cardiology (DM Cardiology). 

He attained different positions from lecturer to prof. in Medical College, Jammu and worked with full dedication keeping in mind basic objectives of patient care, disease investigation and research. He had been teaching to both under-graduate and post-graduate medical students in the faculty of Medicine. At present Dr. Verma is fully pre-occupied with Private practice in the field of Cardiology at Jammu Heart Clinic and is very much interested in Clinical research work and non-invasive techniques in cardiology. 

He had published more than forty research studies in various reputed medical Indian journals and received due appreciations from different countries of the world. In recognition to his research work, he was awarded prestigious Fellow of International College of Physicians from USA and Fellow of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene London. 

He has also been conferred the prestigious Glory of India Award' by India international friendship society. Best Citizen of India award by international publishing house New Delhi. Fellowship award (FCSI) from Cardiological society of India with Gold medal. He has also published 12 medical books on different aspects of cardiovascular medicine (See the enclosed list). Dr. K.C. Verma is a life-member of Cardiological Society of India.