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Reservation in Jobs

Author Name: Parmeshwar Jha | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The Present Reservation System in India has its genesis in Morley-Minto reforms of 1909. Independent India adopted this system with a vision to achieve equality for under-privileged sections of the society who generally suffered from the lingering effects of prior deprivation and discrimination.
The Framers & Makers of the Indian Constitution continued with and adopted this Reservation Policy of the Colonial past, with a proviso that after creating a sustainable environment of equality for all sections of the society to participate in Nation’s growth, the policy would gradually be withdrawn.
However, in the 66th Year since Independence, the Policy of Reservation not only exists but also finds a recurring voice from all the major political parties in India in one or another form and has to a larger extent adversely affected various major policies of the Governance in the country.
With an equal number of Opponents and Proponents of this System, debating over its merits and demerits and its contribution towards strengthening the social fabric or abolishing the discrimination and division in the society, the reservation has actually become a threatening constituent for the sustenance of our current society.     
The current book “Reservation in Jobs” is the first part of the two book series, in continuum, that tries to encapsulate the methodical development of Reservation System in India since the colonial rule to its present form and discusses its impact on the daily life of a common man in all walks of his life.


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