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Rhythmic Reveries of a Ruminating Mind

Author Name: A.H. Mehr | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Like the parched earth that longs for a drop of water and feels vigorous when it rains,
like the scorching sun that longs for a shade for itself and calms down when evenings set in,
like the broken heart that longs for healing and its wounds fill up when someone loves it again,
like the infant that longs for warmth and feels secure in its mother’s arms,
like all the lonely people who long for a conversation and are ecstatic when someone talks to them,
like the drowning man who wants to live, and delighted even if he catches a straw,
I hold on to poetry? - for a drop of water, for shade, for healing, for warmth, for a conversation, for a delightful life…

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A.H. Mehr

A.H. Mehr has an eternal love for books, rains, and nature. She grew up peering through musty strips of comics in school and fresh newspapers at home, with an affinity towards literature, cherishing moments spent reading books in libraries. Among the usual ambitions that she was supposed to have about an education and a career, and be so, she secretly dreamt to be a writer as well. Starting as a data entry operator to having a long, glossy, busy corporate career, with very little time for writing, to wanting to pursue writing now, she has seen all the oddities of life.  When not working very hard at her modest and not so glossy, but challenging new job or writing, she enjoys the quiet surrounding her, and oftentimes, is shrouded and lost in her mother’s memories, only to be pulled back into a chaos called Life, and life goes on.