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Rigveda Made Easy Rigvedic Stories Based on Selected Verses

Author Name: Sathish Chandra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

In this well-researched and elegantly written book, Sathish Chandra discusses exciting topics from the epic text depicting ancient Indian culture and philosophy. Did you ever wonder when the mantras of the Rigveda were composed? Did you ever wonder what the composition discussed apart from praising various Gods? If the answer is yes, this book is for you to read. 

Similarly, you will be amazed to know that Rigveda was an all-inclusive text composed by the Vedic people from all walks of life. Kings of the era, enslaved people, gamblers, aggrieved wives and many commoners have contributed to the mantras in the text. You will be surprised to read stories related to cradle-to-grave. Rigveda was the ultimate Knowledge Transfer Guide for all the students who came to Gurukul to learn. 

More importantly, the ideas of multiple gods and creation stories from the text led to all-encompassing Hinduism, where the Western concept of blasphemy had no room. This book discusses all these issues and more with a breath of fresh air.

Most importantly, Rigveda has inspired many religious thoughts in the West. Read on for more on this. 

Also, read this book for the original Rigvedic stories with exciting storylines, which peep into the Vedic people's mindset and thinking.

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Sathish Chandra

Sathish Chandra, a banker turned History enthusiast in his golden years, focused his attention on the Rigveda text five years ago by a sheer accident, he claims. He recalls being confronted with a gold mine of information when he started delving deep into the epic. When he says, "The result of that pain-staking study is this book," he beams with the satisfaction of creating a different kind of book on the subject on which thousands have written. He also believes this book answers many questions about the text in readers' minds. When asked about the challenge of writing on the most sacred scripture, "to keep the interest and attention span of the young adults, I had to be brief and to the point without missing the essence of the whole text. I earnestly hope I was able to achieve these goals," says he in his modest way. 



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