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SAS Clinical Programming In 18 Easy Steps

by Y. Lakshmi Prasad

Format: Paperback

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An indispensable guide to SAS Clinical Programming, this book is the first guide on this topic, to be written by an Indian author.

Written in an instructive and conversational tone for people who want to make their career in SAS Clinical Programming and entry level programmers for their day-to-day tasks. It is equipped with practical, real world examples, detailed description of programs, work flows, issues, resolutions and key techniques.

This book is a personal SAS Clinical trainer. It explains the art of SAS Clinical Programming in eighteen easy steps, covering everything from basics to ADS, TLF Creation, as well as CDISC SDTM and ADaM specifications.

Many statistical concepts are explained in an easy way so that you feel confident while using Statistical Procedures. If you are already working as a SAS Clinical Programmer, this book will aid you with sharpening your skills.

Y. Lakshmi Prasad is an SAS Clinical Programming Consultant. He has around 15 years of experience in Clinical Research, which includes more than 9 years in SAS Clinical Programming. He has worked for several Indian and Multinational Organizations in various therapeutic areas. Y. Lakshmi Prasad is a pharmacy graduate with biostatistics as an added qualification.



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