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Sparrow Sorrow

Author Name: Rachna Khattar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

Where are the Sparrows? The little house bird seems to have vanished from our surroundings. Taru, a five-year-old boy is looking for an answer to his question. The book Sparrow Sorrow offers a sneak peek into the world of Sparrows and tries to create awareness for the little bird through the eyes of a little boy who is sensitized to the living beings around him and eventually bringing in everybody to celebrate World Sparrow Day with a common cause.  He paints for the Sparrow's cause and titles his work as Sparrow's Tomorrow. Would you too like to paint one yourself?

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Rachna Khattar

The number of humans constantly witnesses an incline, but humanity tends to decline. The author, Rachna Khattar aims to resolve this paradox through her book, Sparrow Sorrow. Good education and a strong value system lays the foundation for brighter and better tomorrow. It is the need of the hour that young children imbibe such value-based education from the tender years of kindergarten itself.

In today’s dynamic world, Mother Nature faces depletion and extinction of her resources. Human race has been both greedy and exploitative with the bounties of nature. If we want an illuminating future and a continued legacy, we must create an awakening. The young minds must understand that it is quintessential to be sensitive towards the environment, our very home. The book Sparrow Sorrow highlights the diminishing number of Sparrows from our environment and raises an important question in the mind of a young child- Where are the Sparrows?

They say, ”The pen is mightier than the sword”. Using the might of her pen, the author conveys this environmental concern in a child friendly manner supporting her thought with lifelike pictures in rich colour combinations. 



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