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Spirituality-A Quest

Author Name: Alok Ganguly | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

This book is an attempt to provide answers for various spirituality topics. 

Spiritual life does not have to be pursued in secluded caves or in a remote Himalayan valley, nor is it only for extraordinary people with special abilities.

Spirituality is an experience that cannot be felt from the outside world or worldly matter. It is the thrill of your journey, inside your body, the effect of which can make you feel happy and satisfied in your daily routine, both physically and mentally.

The body, which is with you, is a unique experience. Of all the 8.4 million living species, only man has the privilege of discovering the mystery of the universe.By Observing and understanding it carefully, you can create a unique meaning in your life. This body will not be with us forever, but we need to use this body to find out who is immortal, if it is not your body and this path of discovery will satisfy our life, body and mind.

We should respect our body and live it with an alignment with the soul. This confluence can help in maintaining your health, but it can also provide you with the possibility of making positive changes in yours and others' lives.

The first step of realization is to acknowledge that a being exists beyond the body, which is the Soul(atma).The body is only a vehicle and it is a means for the soul to travel. The new perspective of looking at it, that is given in this book and it can give you the ability to see our lives in a new form. 

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Alok Ganguly

Alok Ganguly, who comes from a middle-class family of Indian origin, currently lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka. He was born in Delhi and did his primary and secondary education there. He has obtained his graduate and post-graduate degrees in B.Sc., M.Sc. and PGDM(Management) respectively from Delhi. For the last two decades, he has been working with various international companies in India, USA and UK.

Alok's interest in spirituality began in his early life, which led him to find answers to his spiritual questions. This discovery led him to acquire and practice knowledge of vedanta, yoga and meditation. Eventually, he gained some insight and a simple understanding of spirituality from this vast storehouse of knowledge. Through his book "Spirituality-A Quest", Alok aims to share simple and truthful answers to important spiritual questions with his dear readers. 

We hope this will give the readers peace, guidance and positive inspiration. 



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