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Sri Paramjyothi KALKI Amma Bhagavan Phenomenon Oneness phenomenon

Author Name: Kura Venkateswara Reddy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

In this urgent and transformative book, the author unveils the profound SRI PARAMJYOTHI KALKI AMMABHAGAVAN Phenomenon–a response to the prayers of countless souls seeking to end human suffering. The world faces a grave predicament of potential extinction, requiring humanity to unite as one to safeguard our future.

As artificial intelligence looms, the author emphasizes the need to explore the neural networks of the heart and understand their connection to the Universal intelligence. This transformation is essential to liberate humanity from negative patterns and prepare for a future where work and purpose are redefined.

The book guides readers through a journey in consciousness, with three stages: Transformation, Enlightenment, and God Realization. The goal is to replace individual consciousness with Higher Consciousness, fostering unity and oneness.

The urgency of this phenomenon calls for immediate action in the years 2023 and 2024. The living Avatars, AmmaBhagavan, anchor the process from another realm, seeking support from the Dattatreya Lineage, Light beings, and Space beings. To create a critical mass, 80,000 individuals must reach transformative states to positively influence humanity and artifical intelligence.

Humanity’s survival depends on this awakening. Join this divineendeavor and embrace the opportunity to elevate consciousness, impact the collective mind, and alleviate suffering. The time to act is now, and your partcipation can be the key to humanity’s liberation.Answer the call, embark on this profound journey, and become a part of this extraordinary transformation for the betterment of all.

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Kura Venkateswara Reddy

Kura Venkateswara Reddy (KVR), the author, hails from the picturesque village of Valbhapoor in South India. His educational journey commenced in his hometown, where he completed his primary education, followed by middle school in Hanamkonda, and high school in Jammikunta. Fuelled by a passion for mechanical engineering, he pursued and successfully attained his graduation from KL College of Engineering, Vijayawada. His thirst for knowledge led him to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, where he accomplished his Master's (M.Tech) degree.

Having initially served as a Deputy Manager in the Steel industry for nearly seven years, KVR made a career transition to the IT sector. Since 1998, he has been actively engaged in various roles within the IT services industry, currently holding the esteemed position of Vice President in one of India's reputable IT organizations. 

In addition to his successful career, KVR is a dedicated spiritual seeker, regularly participating in spiritual processes, lectures, and meditations for over two decades, guided by the wisdom of Sri Ammabhagavan.

Residing in Hyderabad, India, KVR frequently experiences higher states of consciousness. In his own words, he humbly considers himself blessed to have gained diverse experiences from agricultural, industrial, and knowledge-based societies while simultaneously nurturing a connection with the Divine. He encourages others, irrespective of their background, to embark on their spiritual journey, expressing heartfelt gratitude to everyone and the vast universe for the profound transformation he has undergone.



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