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The Absolute Truth

by Jabahar Mohapatra

Format: Paperback

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Some say God exists and some say He doesn't. As we know both parties cannot be right, one is terribly wrong. So the question is which one of them is the wrong one. Does God exist or He exists not? What is the absolute truth? What is the purpose of life? Does karma really exist? Fate or free will, what determines life? How can life be made better? These are some of the questions that this book answers. It opens up with a discussion to determine the existence of God basing upon (one of) the oldest religion on Earth and takes you into a religio-philosophical exploration of happiness, life and the human mind. When you get the picture that this book wants to show, you will certainly find it enlightening.

Jabahar Mohapatra is a programmer by profession. He has done a bachelor’s degree course in electronics and telecommunications engineering. However, most of his effort and interest was always about understanding life and finding out its true nature. This book is a concise account of his findings so far.



The Absolute Truth





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