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The Art of Digital Marketing

Author Name: Krishan Kant Chura | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Unlock the world of Digital Marketing with this uniquely designed book tailored for knowledge seekers in the field. Why juggle through numerous resources when you can access it all in one place? A team of five adept marketing professionals has converged their expertise to create a comprehensive guide that encapsulates the essence of web marketing. From foundational elements like website construction, SEO, and web analytics, to the intricacies of online advertising, email campaigns, and leveraging the power of social media – this consortium of web marketing virtuosos offers their invaluable insights for your benefit.

Embrace the art of Digital Marketing, a transformative technique that propels your product and service promotion to unprecedented heights through online channels. Step away from the conventional modes of advertising such as TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. Instead, immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of Video Ads, where the visual narrative truly captivates. Explore beyond the ordinary with innovative approaches like banners and product placements.

In a world where digital prowess is the key to success, this book hands you the key to unlock new paradigms of marketing communication. Seize the opportunity to master Digital Marketing and watch your brand flourish in the boundless online landscape.

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Krishan Kant Chura

Krishan Kant Chura, a visionary entrepreneur known by his professional name, Bytes Therapy. From the vibrant city of Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, Krishan has established himself as a prominent YouTube personality. Through captivating videos, he shares his profound knowledge and expertise in the realms of technology and business.

Born on April 19, 2002, Krishan Kant Chura embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity. Coming from a respected Chura family, he honors his heritage while trailblazing in the digital world.

Krishan's skills and experience go far beyond his engaging YouTube content. He offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services to his valued clients, covering SEO, SMM, and cutting-edge website design. With his expertise, he has the power to propel any business to extraordinary heights.

What sets Krishan apart is his infectious enthusiasm and innate ability to connect with his audience. He serves as an inspiring figure for aspiring entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts alike. With his magnetic personality and unwavering dedication, Krishan Kant Chura is making waves in the ever-evolving realm of digital media.