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Author Name: Chelat Bhuvanachandran | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

J.D.Rockefeller said, ‘The only problem with wealth is, what to do with it?’ 

We hardly know these barons, because Forbes did not list them. These merchants and bankers enjoyed enormous freedom without regulations hence, the legacy of a corrupted financial system which went to an extent of financing wars for a share of booty and treasures, or large masses of mining land.

The world we lived until 20th century was local and linear and it was the car barons who took us to travel far destinations and changed the rule of inheritance. The darker side is how a new category emerged wealthy from the ashes of the holocaust and WW2, known as “Third Reich Billionaires”, which changes our most sought-after cars to the least sought-after ones.. 

Sub-surface treasures of our earth opened a huge fortune for a few, especially in America and Europe with subsidiary businesses like railroads and infrastructure. Most of them hated competitors and went on acquiring or destroying them to secure monopoly. They were known as ‘Rogue Barons’.

They left the legacy of a corrupted system in which we live today!

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Chelat Bhuvanachandran

Retired as Gen Manager-ME & Signatory with a Swiss company- AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG in 2012. 

He released two books in 2021, ‘Living The Values’ – a Value narrative to Grass-root Leadership and ‘The State of Israel’- a Start-up Nation to a Scale-up Nation.

If authors generally wrote from own knowledge and experience, his works come from an opposite thoughtstream. Select a topic which is less written and offers new knowledge to the readers. Drawing inspiration from PM’s future vision that “Start-up Innovations will drive India’s GDP in next two decades”, he wrote a book titled, “INNOVISION”- The New Challenges of 21st Century, which narrates how emerging technologies will have a positive impact on humanity.

“THE BARONS” explores the origin and rise of some 50 merchant dynasties of 15-20th centuries, which shaped every segment of our present world from banking, cars, industries and subsurface treasures.