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The Complete Book Of Internships in India Intern Abroad This Summer

Author Name: Aniket Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Praise for “Intern Abroad This Summer”

An absolute must for all millennials and parents. This book is packed with tips to make your own career roadmap to success through internship.  This book should be included in high school curriculum. 

Venky Vijayaragavan (Vice President, Capgemini, US & American Inst. of Chartered Public Accountants)


As a first-generation immigrant, I earned two master degrees and founded my own firm in the US in 10 years. I could make these achievements much sooner, If I’ve read this book in my years as a student.

Jinpei Li (Angel Investor, Silicon Valley, University of Southern California and Univ. of Berkeley, Haas School of Business )


Practical experience through internships can do wonders to your career in ways good grades cannot.  Foreign bound intern gets students to think about this fascinating way to broaden their horizons. And it does so with wit. A must read!

Deepak Sekar (CEO Chowbotics & Georgia Inst. of Technology)


Aniket questions conventional wisdom to succeed with education. This lucidly written book, drawn from his own experiences, is a must read for aspiring youths to chart a practical, superior way to succeed using internship.

Ramesh Dewangan( University of California, Berkeley & Vice President, Real Intent)


“This is a book I wished I picked up right at the beginning of my undergrad days, better yet, long before my undergrad. Aniket gives a comprehensive view of the unimaginable opportunities that exist for students through internships and why they are ought not to be missed.”

Hemanth Satyanarayana (CEO Imaginate Technologies, IIT Madras & State Univ. New York Buffalo)


“Foreign Bound Intern provides a recipe for the separation from the pack of tunnel versioned grade focused university students.  It encourages you to seek international experience.  Even if you are the C student, this is your opportunity to set the stage to have the A students working for you.”

David K Raun (Vice President Avago Tech. & Silicon Valley Hi Tech Executive/Board Member)


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Aniket Singh

The Complete Book of International Internships lays out the most exhaustive list of fully-paid international internships open to students of all nationalities from around the world. These internships are at universities, organizations and research institutions in United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. Most of these internships are open to students from their first year in college itself. It also shows you the tried-and-tested method to apply to thousands of internships around the world. Each of these internships has the potential to make you shine! Most students today are unaware that they can find awesome international internships. Even if they do know, they do not bother applying, believing the field to be too crowded. Simply focusing your student years working on getting good grades is just seeing half the picture. Internships, volunteering and practical experiences are what set you apart from the crowd, much more than good grades. The author, Aniket Singh, is an alumnus of IIT Madras and currently works at Apple Inc.