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The Devil's Surrogate

Author Name: Soumeek Chowdhuri | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Author Dhrittiman Neogi's mythology-based books and his latest book, Sin, on homophobia and attacking decriminalization of section 377 have met with agitations from the LGBTQ community. But the fire is too close to home as his son, Neil, has brought with him his old college friend, childless Rik, who is disgruntled with his married life. As per a social media post, they are planning same-sex surrogacy in a neighbouring country where the laws are a bit lax.

Soon, led by another social media post, Rik's wife, Shreya, follows them to the writer's cottage, Whispering Pines, in the picturesque hills of Bagora. After a few days, she goes missing, and the suspicion falls on Neil and Rik. In an investigation in which a few decomposed bones are the only evidence, as Ryan Ray and Inspector Norbu Sherpa try to penetrate the web of deceit to reach the truth, will it lead to an entirely new undiscovered crime, or will they fail to know who the devil has used as his surrogate to perpetuate evil?"

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Soumeek Chowdhuri

Soumeek stays in Kolkata, in a winding lane in the old part of the city. Author of two novels, How is Murder for an Experiment and Silent Execution, his work combines science with mystery in the modern, changing landscape of a country trying to come to terms with the rest of the world. His passion is reading on a variety of topics and writing short articles on them. Brought up in the lush green environment of the IIT campus, he had been an avid reader and loved to write from childhood.

A faculty at one of the oldest medical schools in India and a researcher who has been awarded the prestigious Scottish Award to the US by the Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine and later the Best Faculty award. Having over forty research papers, his passion is mixing science and literature. His character-building has been praised by reviewers, and psychological analysis is probably a strong point in his writing.

His book, The Silent Execution, was awarded the Sahityakosh Samman for the year 2022 and the literary award for best plot creation. He has been recently awarded the Tagore Commemorative medal, as the honoree author for the year 2022 for his literary work during the times of the pandemic.