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The Legend of Shara How El-Shaddai Became Yahweh

Author Name: Srinivas Bharadwaj | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

The Legend of Shara records the story of a deity from the third millennium BC. It explains how multiple religions, like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, came to absorb a story well-understood by many followers of Hinduism. We explore the Hindu origins of the early Torah and its deep Puranic roots along with the historical backdrop that produced the Patriarchs, the stories of David, and finally, Exodus. How closely are these stories tied to Puranic equivalents, and why do they follow the same structure and function that we see in Hindu MahaPuranas like the Matsya Purana? 

From its origins in the Rig Veda, we trace the flow of the legend of Shara along with the rest of its Puranic backdrop into the Hurrian lands. From here, we explore the journey into Judah and its return with the rise of Judaism in the Middle East. 


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Srinivas Bharadwaj

Srinivas Bharadwaj has explored the beauty of Puranas and their role in worldly affairs and religious scriptures in the countries beyond India. This is the second book in this series. The first book was The H-Source of the Bible, which expanded the Documentary Hypothesis to include a Hindu Source. In addition, he is also the producer of the film, The Unity of Religious Scripture.

He lives in the United States and is an engineer by trade.