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Author Name: SATADAL LAHIRI | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

At a time with the world reeling under the malaise of a pandemic, there is more sorrow to share than joy. However, amidst this gloom lies the opportunity to make resurgence through the unlocked, unknown, undiscovered potential within oneself. 

The Resurgent Resolute is about wading through the troughs and crests of life and bouncing back each time when life hands you with a setback, be it a failure, heartbreak, ostracism, repulsion, rejection, protest, through the life of “Pattu”, the central character. This book encourages people to unlock the “Pattu” in them. There is a redemption method and here is how to go about it. The story involves everyone, whether from an urban backdrop, rural background or from the lofty peaks of career excellence.

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Satadal Lahiri is an engineer by profession. He has worked with renowned corporate houses at various levels of management. He has had a poissant for creative writing since school days and had written a lot of articles for newspapers and magazines..He dedicates a lot of time in reading and research work before getting down writing. He has also completed the A-Level of TOC (Theory of Constraints) from the Eliyahu Goldratt Foundation, Israel.

He presently, stays in Kolkata with his mother, wife and son.                          


Avijit DasPatnaik (Pattu) has retired from corporate slavery at the early age of 44 and presently is settled in Kolkata with wife and children.  He dedicates most of his time in travel with friends, writing blogs and organizing of events. He has also taken up the mission to promote the lives of untold heroes of society through his various events and endeavours.