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The Secret Trove The Sequel to A Ride with The River Man

Author Name: S Pavithra Ram | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Hari, a young entrepreneur and a tender-hearted human who cannot bear to see another in pain. Ananya, a passionate young wife, a musician in the making, with a throbbing zest for life. The story, set in a true to life backdrop, captures the journey of Hari and Ananya, newly married, the tests and challenges the couple and their families undergo in understanding and accepting each other while being true to themselves, their dreams and purpose.

Hari, with a steely resolve, steers along, Ananya, their family and many around him. Through his kind words, laden with spiritual wisdom, his child-like, ever-compassionate ways, his music, wit and dramatic ploys, he heals, inspires and charms all those around. Braving the blows or betrayal that come by, he moves on with grace, neither shedding his hope nor his kindness on the way. Until a gentle wave comes and knocks him down, shakes his all and brings him to his knees. What is left in him to rise from there? That defines his journey thus far and ahead!

A family drama, cast in a Tamil brahmin setting, describes in all its comical and poignant flavours, their struggles and sacrifices, as they guard and hold on to each other. The fruits of their forbearance, where does it lie?

Over many conversations, “kapis” and “kutcheris”, experience and explore as you read!

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S Pavithra Ram

The author is a Chartered Accountant based in Chennai. Raised in a traditional Tamil Brahmin family, her initiation into Hindu scriptures started from a very early age, listening to discourses of her Guru since the age of 4. This seeded a spiritual bent that grew with age into a deep-rooted fascination for the timeless tenets and the ways of life promulgated in the scriptures and its universal appeal. An avid reader of English classics and novels, a habit that fostered in her an admiration for the language and a penchant for penning her thoughts. The author brought out her first book, A Ride with the River Man, a tryst of a kind, that gave vent to her spiritual beliefs woven around an endearing tale, a family drama.



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