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The Silence of Souls Once was his, and now, hers too

Author Name: Suhail Malik | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

It is very hard for me to explain that dark period of my life. After I came out of the party, I ran. I ran a lot; I don’t know how many kilometers I had covered, or who was crying, me or my heart.

Then I found myself on a bridge on that terrible night, and as I looked around, it was dark, calm, and silent. Hence I started crying again. I couldn’t control the tears which were rolling down my cheeks. Even my heart was drenched in the storm. Why am I crying? I asked myself. I was unable to understand what I should go back for. As I looked around, it was barren, all barren like my life, and finally, I moved towards my residence. 

As I closed my door a sudden thought struck my mind. If he does come, how do I welcome him? Look at the madness I am still in! As I entered my flat I found that everything was wrecked. My bedroom was open, and I rushed towards it. The mattress was torn open, the bedsheet was in tatters. The mirror was shattered. Everything was ruined, and I thought to call the police. Then suddenly I saw a diary on the corner of the bed and a red “Pierre Cardin” pen.

Then I realized that all this wreckage was done by him. Each thing that we had shared was either broken or torn by him. And he had left that diary for me to understand what had happened to him and his journey till then. But was he interested in my journey and how I lived it without him? 

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Suhail Malik

Suhail Malik was born and brought up in the beautiful town of  Kupwara in Kashmir. He spent the most beautiful two years in Rajasthan, in the course of his education in the Central University, when he was the recipient of the Gold Medal. 

‘The Silence of Souls, Once his, now hers,’ is his debut novel and he believes that it will touch your heart and soul. Love is the most beautiful thing, is what he believes. If you haven’t lived a love life you haven’t lived life.

Suhail has worked as an independent researcher in the areas of Lean Accounting, Agri-Finance, Cashless Economy, and Health Insurance. His works are internationally and nationally published in several Journals. He is now involved in business activity and entrepreneurship. He gives business speeches and motivational lectures and encourages unemployed youth to do innovations in business and allied activities. Suhail loves writing poems in his free time, doing paintings, and always seeks some innovations in work. His preferences are soft music, Ghazals, and poems of Mevlana Rumi. He has a cool and calm outlook on life.

Suhail Malik can be contacted through Facebook. You can also write to him at: