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The Tiwa Ethnohistory

Author Name: Raktim Patar | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

This book aims at presenting, as far as possible, a comprehensive understanding of the ethnohistory of the Tiwa people. It addresses the issue of origin, migration, traditional belief system, the evolution of the social institutions of the Tiwa. It also covers the continuity and changes that had occurred among this tribe in recent years. The information about this tribe available in the Assamese chronicles, colonial records and other literature of the pre-independence period are devoid of its origin, migration, settlement pattern or social organization. Similarly published works of the post-Independence period do not provide a clear understanding of this tribe. Available published works are descriptive accounts of the socio-economic and cultural features of the Tiwa, as they appear in recent times. There is no mention of their early history or the circumstances leading to the bifurcation of the Tiwa into two groups (Hill and Plain) with distinct patterns of social organization and belief system. Furthermore, there is neither enough information on the socio-political institutions of the Tiwa nor an adequate understanding of the same. It is against such a backdrop  that systematic documentation, description and reconstruction of the history of the Tiwa is necessary and which the present work seeks to address.

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Raktim Patar

A post-graduate with a Ph.D. in History, Raktim Patar hails from Diphu, a charming hill town in the state of Assam. He has been working on the documentation and interpretation of oral traditions of several hill tribes of North-East India. So far, he has published several thought-provoking research papers in reputed academic journals and books. In 2014, he has edited an important book on Buddhism in Assam. Currently, he is serving as an Assistant Professor at the Department of History, Gargaon College, Simaluguri, Assam. 
He can be contacted through email: