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the unheard voices

Author Name: Alaina Hirani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

in life  

you fall,
you break, 
you shatter.

it is ok to fall break and shatter,
what is not okay is to stay there, 
and to suppress your voice.

you fall,
so that you can rise higher.

fall down,
fall down so hard,
that you jump back higher ,
and make those unheard voices heard.

and then,  
you heal, 
you rise, 
you fly.

The Unheard Voices is a compilation of poetry and prose about various facets of everyday emotions. The book transitions between two distinct phases of life, elucidating emotions such as hopelessness, despair, conflict, insecurity to a catharsis of happiness, hope, and confidence. It uncovers emotions that are difficult to weave around words. The book takes readers on a thought-provoking journey on understanding these emotions; it also offers them a sense of solace and hope in understanding life and its intricacies. The author deciphers a myriad of emotions faced by people and expresses how happiness and healing are products of overcoming hopelessness and sorrow. 

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Alaina Hirani

Alaina Hirani is a fourteen-year-old literature enthusiast. She believes in the power of expression through poetry and prose. Ever since she was a child she’s been fond of literature. She inclined towards poetry because of the realness, authenticity, and freedom it gives to an individual’s emotions. Growing up she noticed suppression of voices in society in various aspects of life; social injustice, mental health, feminism, etc. Like how rain brings out a rainbow, a plant falls to grow again and the sun sets to rise again, a human has these phases too. The falling, breaking, shattering, and then the healing, rising, flying. She decided to use her passion for poetry to express her feelings and emotions towards this. She hopes to help give voice to the unheard voices and all those feelings that haven’t been expressed. She hopes her words would help people find their voices.