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The Universe and We on Earth A Unique Book Humans for Humans

Author Name: Ajit Kumar Dutta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

This book is a part of your life starting from formation of universe, all planets of solar system and their behaviours along with description of innumerable celestial bodies existing for billion years. Beginning of organism or lives on Earth starting from plants, flowers, insects, birds, animals, Homo sapiens and humans are narrated in chronological order. How did innumerable inventions and discoveries change human ancient civilization to modern day civilization? History of all inventions with the contribution of all scientists, astronomers and archaeologists are available. Impact of religion, reason for war and its fate and remedial measures are explained. How are humans affected by Natural threat and artificial threat? Effect in ecosystem of nature due to human activities including global warming is explained with possible remedial action. Wanting in happiness of humans and peace index with proper global information are available. Many more important and useful events for humans like beginning of sports and games, amusements, music system, television, digital camera, computer, internet, email, mobile etc. with their inventions are narrated and how these changed style of human life rapidly. This is a book of new style and will give the readers huge knowledge with immense pleasure.

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Ajit Kumar Dutta

Ajit was thinking to write a book for the knowledge of humans in this critical world considering the lives of humans from ancient civilization with much difficulty to present day world with modern civilization by huge inventions by astronomers and scientists on this Earth on which humans rest while the Earth does not rest on anything. He was thinking that the humans have been working continuously during life time and leave everything to others after death, but the wanting of humans are unlimited causing harms to others affecting peace and happiness of mankind. Also he was thinking to establish that huge natural and artificial threats are bound to happen badly affecting humans at any time.

Ajit is a M.Sc in Mathematics. He has wife and two daughters. He is always fond of nature and also believes in supernatural power of Nature. He is always interested in astronomy. He also thinks that the Earth is in absolute right position with respect to the Sun for which lives have been possible on this planet only. No other planet on the universe could be explored as yet for existence of life.