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Author Name: Golu Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

"JACKAL OR TIGER" is an Indian folktale.
A king and queen slept well in the palace in the heart of the city in faraway Hindustan. They hoped they were going to sleep when a faint breeze swept through the lattice, but they never did. The sound of a howl outside the palace jolted them awake more than ever before.
The king said, 'Listen to that tiger!'
The queen replied, 'Tiger?' 'How should a tiger exist within the city?' It was just a jackal,' says the narrator. As a result, they couldn't agree on what kind of animal it was.

Will the king be able to find out whether it was a tiger or a jackal?
Because of finding out all this, what are the events in the city?
What is the effect of all this on the life of the queen?

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Golu Kumar

The author is a librarian. After finding it from his library, he keeps bringing books of such exciting stories for you.



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