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Author Name: AYUSH ANAND | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

'Time for Awakening' is a modern-day outlook on the agitation of human nature and the inner turmoil of our existence as 'Beings'; with the backdrop of real events of discrimination in our society from time to time.

The story revolves around three major characters coming from different socio-economic backgrounds.

BABUA, a village boy revolting against the age-old denigrating caste system.

JHA, a small-town young man, portrays an act of defiance against the corrupt government and a newly evolved inter-regional form of discrimination.

ISHU, the modern artist depicts a smart, yet emotionally vulnerable individual in the global realm.

However, from Galileo to Gandhi, history is evident that life has not been kind to people who have revolted against the ignorant masses and dared to change the world.

Based on real-life events of discrimination violence and extraordinary deeds of humanity, occurred based on cast, state, and racial background in India and Australia.

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Director/Producer of the first-ever Indo-German Mobile Feature Film,


Is a first-time author and an independent filmmaker, who portrays in his book the topic of discrimination and harmony by depicting the story of three young men as the three facets of life, who undergo a turmoil of denigration and emerges out from their ashes, like a Phoenix, entailing a result of profoundly immoral discrimination.

Through his book, Anand takes you on an exhilarating journey questioning the fundamentals of discrimination, the psychological struggles, and how to break out of depression, imbuing the desire to continue living a life with dignity and in synergy with our true self.

He aims to help people all over the world who suffered similar traumas and wishes to bring awareness about equality and its application in the true sense. Moreover, providing a seamless path of, 'Awakening' of our immaculate existence.