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Traditional Indian Thali

by Vaishali Tripathi

Format: Hardcover

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India is a diverse country and its cuisines are no different. From North to South, East to West you get to taste different mouth watering cuisines. Indian cuisine is a blend of assorted flavours and aroma served on a plate, called thali. Every region has its own specialities and way of cooking. There are five popular thali’s in India namely Maharashtriyan, Guajarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi and South Indian. All of these basically include rice, roti or chapati or puri, papad, salad, raita, atleast 2-3 vegetables [dry and gravy], dal, plain curd, one curry and sweets. This book serves as a guide to all those who love to explore and try different traditional Indian recipes.

Vaishali Tripathi is from a traditional Hindu joint family .She is a hotel management and catering technology graduate from Kamat Club, Mumbai, India. She received a gold medal in postgraduate diploma in hotel management from Delhi, India. Cooking has always been her passion and she has successfully published two books, “Indian Thali” and “Dhabe ka Khana” both of which are imported international editions. Now she is all set to publish her new book “Traditional Indian Thali” which will cater the typical Indian menu lovers.



Traditional Indian Thali





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