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Universal War The New World

Author Name: Zunzar Temurde | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

What if all we ever knew about the universe was flawed?

Such is the state of a group of friends, as they get dragged into a whole new concept of reality which takes them on a journey that they never imagined. Slowly turning the cogs in the universe, becoming a part of this vast, nearly infinite universe and what lies beyond.

It’s not just a story or legend, it’s a whole other world to explore and it’s not just you but them too who experience it alongside you.

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Zunzar Temurde

Zunzar Temurde is an aspiring writer at the age of 22, who likes to go by the name ‘Zunzar’. He is currently pursuing an MBA from ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad. He is a bit shy and introverted, but once he is comfortable, he can make even the extroverts shy away. He was in a typical Indian middle-class household. Mostly living his life by his mother’s side has made him look at the world in his own way. He doesn’t have a huge friend circle but has close people around him whom cherishes.

He loved writing stories from a very young age, as his parents were busy working and he spent most of his time alone as a single child. That’s when the writer inside him sprouted its wings. Back then it was a child’s play, trying to entertain himself after being bored from TV, but soon it developed into his hobby of making stories beyond this world. As curiosity increased, he expanded his horizons by watching a lot of movies, TV series, anime and game narratives which eventually became his hobbies. It was not until he entered the 12th grade that he realized he wanted to write a book. With a story that he kept refining since childhood, he started writing passionately, ready to take the world on a journey into a whole different universe.