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UNLIMITED ENERGY A Deep dive into the Holistic Techniques to unlock Your Limitless Gifts of the Universe for Success, Happiness, Health and a Life of Completeness

Author Name: Deepak Devaraj | Format: Paperback | Genre : Reference & Study Guides | Other Details

Explore the techniques to balance your mind and body and be in a perfect alignment with the Universe so that you receive unlimited gifts from the Universe for your success, health, happiness and abundance.

Some of the valuable techniques are:

Yoga – Improves your flexibility, balance, awareness etc.

Pranayama – Activates your Energy Channels, activates your cells, activates your brain, removes harmful toxins from the body, cures ailments etc.

Meditation – Improves focus, concentration, awareness, intuition, relaxation, intelligence etc.

Reiki – Helps you to balance and activate your Chakras. Heal all your ailments like fever, stomach pain, throat problems etc.

Law of Attraction – Achieve everything and anything you desire with the power of your Subconscious mind.

Subconscious Mind Reprogramming – Learn effective techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind to help you to achieve miracles in your life.

Affirmation – Learn how to construct effective Affirmations with many examples given in the book.

Visualization – Learn how to visualize your desired state and thereby manifest it into your physical reality.

Grounding – Learn effective techniques to Ground yourself.

Mindfulness – Observe the thoughts that enter your mind and always vibrate at positive frequencies.

Gratitude – The power of Gratitude is very incredible. Thank God for all that you have been blessed with in your life.

Forgiveness – How forgiveness is important to eliminate the lower vibrations.

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Deepak Devaraj

Deepak Devaraj is an Information Technology Professional with over 15 years of experience in Java Technologies.

Besides his IT professional skillset, he is an author of the non-fiction genre.

He possesses in-depth insights into personality development and life skills such as Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Law of Attraction, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, Affirmation, Visualization, Auto Suggestion, Grounding, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Energy Exercises, and Abundance Manifestation.

He yearns to empower people to realize their true potential. His thoughts are vital to longevity, happiness, and blissful life. His followers rise from ordinary beings to extraordinary beings.

You may reach him at



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