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Unspoken Words A journey from vision to REALITY

Author Name: Neha Chhikara Kadian | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This book is all about poetries consisting of love, romance, fiction, and social issues. Few are based on hot and current debated topics around the table these days. 

Readers would be able to relate the poetries to their life and can dedicate to their loved ones or can express their love or pain to the near and dear ones. I tried my best to give the various flavour of poetry altogether. 


To the lovers of books... 

I hope this book helps you to get your work out of a wider audience that it allows you to stir the hearts and minds of many people.  I would love nothing more than to see this book in the hands of people everywhere - readers walking down the street, browsers in the Book stores, vacationers at the beach, students in the classroom, secretaries at the office, mothers at home helping them to live the journey from vision to reality. That is a great challenge and maybe it's not possible to achieve but it is certainly worth an attempt. Even several attempts. 

Take your time. Do it right. And Enjoy. 

That is the best advice I can give you. 

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Neha Chhikara Kadian

Neha Chhikara Kadian did her schooling from Vidya Mandir Public School, Faridabad. She is a lawyer by profession, deals in criminal matters. Currently, she is on a short sabbatical giving wings to her passion for writing. Her interests include reading, interacting with people, travelling in less crowded cities.  

She is following her mother’s footsteps, her ethics, even the writing talent came in genes from her mother as she also wrote many bhajans and motivational contents etc. Her mother told her to be a lady. And for her, that meant – build your persona, be you, be independent. Stop trying to be liked by everybody as even you don’t like everybody. 

Neha is proud of her hard work. Working hard will not always lead to the exact things we wish. There are many things she has wanted that she hasn’t always gotten. But she has great satisfaction in the blessings from her mother and father, who instilled a magnificent work ethic in her both personally and professionally. 

According to her, the older she gets, the quieter she becomes. Life humbles you so deeply as you age. You realise how much nonsense you’ve wasted time on. Today she doesn’t even have time to waste on as she is struggling for her profession, struggling for her passion for writing and rest all the time is for her motherhood, for her Daughter Shambhavi. She only trusts in her gut; her intuition. She doesn’t trust words, she trusts vibes. She believes People can tell you anything, but vibes tell you everything. 

Her mantra is to just remember one thing “we have just one life” and we are only answerable to ourselves and God, not to every single people around you who keeps on judging you. Whatever is in life is ‘Now'; “कल किसने देखा है।”