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A vital element unnoticed so far by our doctors may help you to sustain life is water. Being easily available and priceless nature is a crime of water that enforces your health consultants to ignore the real fact of life. Opting saline water in place of water and salt is profitable business for them. You must trust on basic elements of life Oxygen, Water, Salt, Potassium and Glucose.

Water therapy says good bye to Cough & Cold, Asthma, Allergies, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

The statement, Necessity is the mother of Invention, only seems apt for someone like me, who had been a persistent patient of cough, cold and constipation. After spending a sizeable amount of time with my health consultant, I had grown disheartened. Nevertheless, I was in touch with ayurvedic medicine which benefited me with a limited amount of cure. Perplexed at the thought of what was bothering me, I decided to go on fast with only water and started to drink water as soon as I get up from my bed. I drank six glasses of water in morning at around 6 am but this led to a bout of vomiting. The next day I used only two-two glasses of water and felt much better. Inspired by this, I carried on the same and after practicing the same for one month, I had been, almost miraculously, cured of cough and cold without any medicine. This initiated me to start a new journey of water therapy .I decided to research on the subject and came across the article of Dr Fereydoon Batmanghelidj –Your Body’s Many Cries for water also his first book published in 1992. I decided to take down my own experiences along with my patients out come as well, who came to me for the therapy of acupressure at my clinic. Dr Batmanghelidj, MD was an Iranian gastroenterologist, internationally renowned researcher, author and advocate of the natural healing power of water. He studied in St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University under Sir Alexander Fleming, who shared the Nobel Prize for the discovery of penicillin. He treated about three thousand prisoners in Evin prison and came to the conclusion of healing power of water. I do not claim to have discovered anything new: it is only a fresh presentation of water therapy with protocols for different diseases. I considered myself a laboratory and tested the effect of one glass of water to twenty five glasses of water in 24 hours. The experiences, both good and bad, were important catalysts in the process of writing this book. 








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