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We Can Lead A Guidebook of Personal Leadership and Self-Coaching

Author Name: Chandan Lal Patary | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Choose to be an outstanding Leader? Want to Improve Individual Agility? Prepared to establish yourself fit for 21st-century Digital Transformation & solution Development? This book can revolutionize your progression. 

Based on the one decade of research and interaction with dozens of leaders have established this volume. This Guidebook is for all the Leaders, who determine to develop into an outstanding Leader and produce several other leaders. Lifelong learning is not purely an academic thought; it is a business essential. This Guidebook has emphasized the pragmatic challenges a Leader can come across during the journey of personal Transformation and how Leaders can fortify themselves to surmount all these challenges. This Guidebook consists of three distinct parts like Leading Self, Leading Others, and Skills & Tools for Leaders. These three areas empower Leaders to obtain Individual agility. Leadership development is like growing into Kalpataru trees! e.g. Great Big Banyan tree, which stands for others for several decades or centuries. We all desire to be deep-rooted and enable others like trees and endure for many years by showing roadmap, by coaching and mentoring to blossom into a role model Leader.

The author has emphasized many challenging use cases, thought-provoking questions for the readers to reflect on, and take action and has cited many case studies in this book to make this volume pragmatic for the reader. The author had shared many theoretical concepts for the reader to work out and further research to enhance learning in those areas so that the reader can become apt for Great Leaders.

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Chandan Lal Patary

Chandan Lal Patary is the author of the books, The Agilist’s Guidebook – A reference for organizational Agile Transformation (2018) and The Scrum Master Guidebook – A reference for obtaining Mastery (2019). He is functioning as an Enterprise Agile Transformation Lead. He has roughly two decades of Information Technology product development experience. He has been conducting research on Organizational Development and Transformation for a decade. His focus areas are Organizational Transformation and Business Agility, Innovation, Strategy, Execution excellence, correlation with People Leadership and the impact of all these into Organizational growth. He has worked with startups and large enterprises like GE Medical system, Honeywell, ABB, Societe Generale, and Royal Dutch Shell. Chandan has functioned on a domain like Oil and Gas, Banking, Healthcare, Aerospace, Building automation, Power automation, Industrial Automaton under real-time mission-critical product development to large-scale application development. He has written 565+ blogs on LinkedIn in the last 5 years. He has presented 15+ seminars as a speaker at numerous conferences. He has uploaded 35+ presentations on Slide share on diverse topics. He has written 20+ technical papers in varied national and foreign journals. He has received many awards in all the companies he has served in. He has received PM World Journal, 2017 Editor’s Choice Awards for the paper “Increasing Business Agility through Organizational Restructuring and Transformation”. Apart from work, he is passionate about alternative medicine, Travelling, Yoga, Drawing, Music, and storytelling with his two kids!

He can be reachable through email/LinkedIn