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Author Name: Jessica Singh | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Love does live alone; it chooses

itself – always. While it is often

dismissed as a weakness, it is so

powerfully pervasive that it trumps all

else. We feel love but what does love feel?

This book is about love that is felt and also

about the love that is its own being. It is a

compilation of prose poems and is meant

for lovers of poetry, art, and aesthetics. It

is written from the perspective of a woman

who chooses to be vulnerable; yet in control. Each prose poem

is complemented with an illustration – an evocation of myriad

emotions encircled in literature inspired kaleidoscopic creations.

Hardcover 340

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Jessica Singh

Jessica is from Delhi but belongs everywhere. An

Oxford graduate who specializes in gender and

education, she currently works as an independent

consultant in the social development sector.

Her passion for art found vent in her startup,

artySORTS that professes ‘Live Your Art’ through

photography, graphic design, and curated art walks

and workshops. It was through books that Jessica perceived the vastness

of existence and the inescapable want for a multitude of experiences

that follow. Her reading repertoire is wide, but the works of Rumi,

Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou, Herman Hesse, and Ernst Hemingway

particularly inspire her. This diversified immersion in living an artful

life attuned to self, lead to a tamed surrender and an involuntary flow

that gave birth to her first book.

You can visit to know more about her.



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