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Wolves Among Lions

Author Name: Luqman Michel | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This book details the following unimaginable matters that are carried out by a Lions Club in Sabah, Malaysia.

The falsification of records at the Registry of Societies

The breaking of many of the sacred rules of the Constitution and Laws of LCI

The breaking of the code of ethics of the Lions Movement.

The misappropriation of funds meant for the needy

The operation of 3 secret bank accounts

The operation of a Lions Club under a name not registered with ROS

The operation of bank accounts under two different names for the same club

The non-disclosure of fixed assets to Registry of Societies

The harboring of an unregistered body within a Lion’s club

The non-disclosure of money received from outside Malaysia to ROS

The falsification of documents to mislead the members into voting

The alteration of minutes of meetings

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Luqman Michel

Luqman Michel having successfully taught about 50 disengaged kids decided to be of further service to more disengaged kids around the world by joining the Lions Club of Kota Kinabalu Host in Sabah, Malaysia. His attempt to help disengaged kids via the Lions Clubs committee did not get the required support from the president of the club. His article on what he had learned about so called dyslexic kids for being included in the 50th Anniversary magazine was turned down. He found that the key members of the club were more interested in ways and means of pilfering money from the club. Luqman with more than 40 years experience in the auditing line quickly discovered that the key members of the club were operating three secret bank accounts unbeknown to most of the members.

Luqman is the first person, in 2010, to challenge the more than 35 year old theory that Dyslexic children cannot read because of ‘Phonological Awareness Deficit’.

Teachers, educators of teachers and scientists have continuously said that many kids cannot learn to read because of being taught wrongly but no one had ever said what it is that has been taught wrongly.

Luqman is the first person to say with corroborative evidence why kids disengage from learning to read in English.

These and more are in his book ‘Shut Down Kids’ which is available at:



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