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You Are a Star 10 Success Strategies to become a Super Achiever

Author Name: Dr. Amarja Nagre | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

You are a star!

I always wished people said this to me. And one day, I made it happen. I realised a lot needs to be done for someone to say these words to you.

How can you make it happen? Which virtues are needed to make it big? What is the struggle?

This book has all my success strategies for you to make it big too...

Mediocrity to mastery! 

Let the journey begin.

When you wish to make it big, concentrate on details. Have accuracy in the smallest of things. High focus is the key to greater outcomes.

Be known as a scholar. 

Add value to people’s lives. 

Let the impact be massive.

Let the hustle happen.

Hustle is a genuine mandate

For you to have a momentous fate.

10 traits that can bring absolute success are vividly described in this book. It is a practical guide to make you a superachiever. Lucid writing skills and real-life illustrations make it a beautiful read. The quotes and one-liners are exceptional.

Learn the way to becoming a star, a superstar. Achieve the phenomenal success you have always dreamt of. Become who you always wanted to be! Experience the magical breakthrough.

Success is a strategy. Success has to be constructed.

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Dr. Amarja Nagre

Dr. Amarja Nagre is a highly accomplished cardiac anaesthesiologist, international academic speaker and a successful mentor. She is the founder of vastly acclaimed academic website: She is an academician par excellence known for her teaching skills. She is a multitasker with energy ad infinitum. She thoroughly believes “The longevity of hard work is what works!”

She is the recipient of several awards, namely Award of Excellence, Award for Educational Initiatives, Award for Special Achievements, Sakhi Sanman, Sarvagunsampanna (Versatility) Award, Award for Excellence in Medical Service.

“You are a Star” is the phrase that has had an immense impact on her, and with this book, she excels as an author.