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You Are The Key To Your Happiness

Author Name: Sarah Margaret S | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Twenty years back, I read about a very sad incident in a newspaper, which made me think a lot about life. It was about a 21-year-old mother of two children, who committed suicide after killing her children because she was afraid to live in this world after her husband died. I was very depressed and began to question everything about this world. I thought life was unfair
and hopeless for some. Later, I realised that every single person upon this planet undergoes this hopelessness at some point until they realise that their creator is their hope. What I received as answers to my questions from various sources by the grace of God gave me a new perspective of life. Before, I thought that our happiness depended upon our circumstances. But now, I have realised that I have been created with the power to overcome
all my circumstances. It is just ignorance of this amazing truth because of all the junk that we let into our minds from day one that makes us think the other way. So the key to our happiness is to throw all this junk away. Read to see all the junk that needs to be cleared and realise that You Are The Key To Your Happiness

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Sarah Margaret S

Sarah Margaret, is a person interested in human life and is a great questioner of everything around her. Though she is employed in government service, she uses every opportunity to know more about life. As she had to go to various places around India with her husband while he was in the Air Force, she was able to observe people from various places. Reading and listening to people from various walks of life is her passion. Later, as she got answers for her questions, from various sources by the grace of God, she thought of writing it down for the benefit of humanity.