A Scribbled Letter of Bombardment.
By Arindol Dey in Thriller | Reads: 233 | Likes: 2
St. Paul's Cathedral, London, United Kingdom. Time- 4:30 pm My daughter and I was living in london for past 18 years. I am retired now and my daughter is studying in Nottingham University. Nature has been her true fascination , so she took up Botany  as her future. "Papa( Father) you know the  Read More...
Published on Apr 29,2020 01:49 PM
Wild trek
By sunny vamshi in Thriller | Reads: 199 | Likes: 0
 Joseph ,martin , Isaac are three best friends , joseph works in an mnc , whereas martin is a bartender in a club and Isaac is a freelance photographer inspite of their busy schedules they hang out alot in the weekends and party among themselves. One day they decide to go on a trek to a nearby   Read More...
Published on Apr 27,2020 12:13 AM
लाल गुलाब
By Mit Patel in Thriller | Reads: 274 | Likes: 1
                       लाल गुलाब   
Published on Apr 27,2020 10:40 AM
Pest Control
By Eleena Sanyal Banerji in Thriller | Reads: 642 | Likes: 7
I was totally weary after repeated bombardments. Could barely steady my head over the shoulders. These chemical smells made me dizzy. I felt slow and woebegone. They were still and lifeless. It broke my heart to see the unborn children in my family die in such quick succession. Didn't they deserve a  Read More...
Published on Apr 28,2020 06:05 PM
The Poetic Doppelganger
By Stuthi Shrisha in Thriller | Reads: 466 | Likes: 1
After waking up from a long, uneasy slumber, I was in a house. Not just any haunted house as in most stories. This house was quite normal, just like any other house - with the same furniture and rooms. Some things were not normal. This was not my house. And I usually don’t go to sleep in other  Read More...
Published on May 2,2020 01:29 PM
Festivals, Traditions & Relationship
By Ramu Upadhaya in Thriller | Reads: 1,395 | Likes: 0
The festival Vaitika helps fortify the relationship between brothers and sisters of Gorkhas. Even the estranged brothers get the opportunity to patch up with their sisters during the celebration; for, in the majority of the cases, each estranged brother and sister feels deprived of being affectionat  Read More...
Published on May 2,2020 03:51 PM
By Pallabi Baruah in Thriller | Reads: 635 | Likes: 3
That was a life changing moment for her.  ‘I wish he dies,' Pari screamed in the society meeting. Here, 'he' was her neighbour who was very much fond of listening to loud music. She had tried to deal with him personally  by persuading and later complaining to the management committe  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 04:43 PM
The devil's diamond
By Debashree Roy in Thriller | Reads: 240 | Likes: 1
It was dark; the street was so lonely, suddenly! An old woman appeared in front of my car, I tried to stop the car and I woke up, and found that it was a nightmare. I’m Mary Watson, an archaeologist and it all started when, I got the work of searching “The Devil’s Diamond”. T  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 08:00 PM
The cost of mistakes
By Barnali Basu in Thriller | Reads: 445 | Likes: 0
She stared at the email message on her computer. Just three lines, but enough to make her life--the life she’d worked so hard and sacrificed so much to build--begin to crumble around her. Rangoli Mitra Roll No.12114, Obstetrics and Gynecology Theory 198/400, Practical 215/400 Fails   The   Read More...
Published on May 13,2020 09:22 PM
By Eleena Sanyal Banerji in Thriller | Reads: 587 | Likes: 1
His head bobbed on the waves. It shone in the golden light of the sun setting over the horizon. He was too far away. As always. He never listened. He could swim but oceans were meant to swallow. She was a better swimmer yet she feared going that far inside. The coast guard's shrill whistle pierced h  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 10:50 PM
The Water Supply
By Someone named Awesome in Thriller | Reads: 779 | Likes: 1
"Nakul, the water has stopped coming." My mother woke me up at 8am. We live in builder constructed floor. There are total four floors. We live on the ground floor. The people living on the third floor seemed crazy and this was the time they were showing it. In most cases, the person who buys the thi  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 10:34 AM
Party Night.
By Sakshi in Thriller | Reads: 268 | Likes: 0
these are the days  when no one cared  about the ceilings that were crackling the walls were too shattering paintings were dusty furniture went crooked and books were no longer opened and then there was me lying unmoved on the floor with two empty glasses looking around, I started thinkin  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 03:43 PM
The Veil of Innocence
By Samyuktha G in Thriller | Reads: 244 | Likes: 0
There was a couple sitting in the cafe when I walked in. As the light was low, I didn’t know who they were until the woman turned around and I saw it was my wife. I felt a pang of hurt seeing them together, seeing her laugh and being happy, something for which I was no longer a cause of. I kn  Read More...
Published on May 6,2020 08:40 PM
THe granny
By joshi Sai nath in Thriller | Reads: 449 | Likes: 0
                            THE GRANNY Dear reader‚ this story is an about a helping nature.      At the start there was leaved a Old man and woman. the leaved in a a big house. The old women name was granny.   Read More...
Published on May 6,2020 09:00 PM
By Geetansha Ghai in Thriller | Reads: 298 | Likes: 0
I ain't a damsel in distress But more of a sleeping lioness Don't poke me Or you'll see an innocent become fiery No mercy no pity Cuz you're face is so shitty One roar and you'll be on the floor Your eyes would be searching for the door That one door of this hell You came in, cuz you rang the bell S  Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 06:53 PM
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