By Anushka in Poetry | Reads: 45 | Likes: 1
DEPRESSION An endless sea Engulfing souls since eternity Of the ones alone In their despair and feeling of vanity. An emotional tornado disguised as a timeless void Clinging to the last strings of their sanity. Dark days, dark nights, darker within Struggling to find a way back to humanity. A cry w  Read More...
Published on Jul 23,2020 08:15 PM
The Gift
By Mridula Singh in Poetry | Reads: 158 | Likes: 0
Title : The Gift The most endearing journey begins by Lord,  When a bundle of joy is put on board. That first cry of the baby in my ears, Brought together smiles and tears. The gentle touch of that soft skin, Gave me lifetime's closest akin. She taught me to sing and rock, And slept in my arm  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 12:49 PM
My Little Cat
By Sheetal Rajput in General Literary | Reads: 42 | Likes: 0
One day I was playing in my backyard with my brother. That day my little cat Bubu seemed to be very enthusiastic. He zestfully climbed upon a nearby drumstick tree. I and my brother watched him doing so. His over enthusiasm motivated him and he went on climbing up. After reaching at the to  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 02:40 PM
Impact of Corona Virus
By ramashery in Poetry | Reads: 34 | Likes: 0
The world runs under chaos and confusion From top to bottom nothing is left untouched.Leaders change the way of consulting people,Stopped meetings to listen to their problems.People missing to see them in the gathering,They bound to live in such a pathetic condition.Small industries lost the workers  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 04:38 PM
A Girl
By SWATHI CHOUGALA in Fantasy | Reads: 76 | Likes: 2
I see this girl everyday vividly, faraway at a distance from me, like on the other side  She's bright like the sun, beautiful like a flower, smiling always, she has short hairs, not a burden I thought, her skin is red like full of blood, she is alone but not unhappy  She lives happily in t  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 04:40 PM
One day
By Ashar in Poetry | Reads: 41 | Likes: 0
A day gone by, You are thrilled to learn, Only you cry, What I have to do to make it undone. The silence you hear, The words that mock, I am alone tonight, I am a fighter. I hear people, Talking gibberish, I feel they are alone, Trying to muster courage. I feel for you, I drive the levers, I am o  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 06:52 PM
By Ashar in Poetry | Reads: 33 | Likes: 0
Maybe, I should have Listened to the voices, Maybe, I should have Taken the route shown by the stars, Maybe, I should have Just followed my instincts, Maybe, I should have Danced to the tunes being played, Maybe, I should have Sang the songs of life, Maybe, I should have Travelled the future, Maybe,  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 06:54 PM
By Ashar in Poetry | Reads: 36 | Likes: 0
Lost in the soul of your eyes, I am alive. Lost in the warmth of your hug, I am alive. Lost in the sweetness of your kiss, I am alive. Lost in the depth of your hairs, I am alive. Lost in the feel of your hands, I am alive. Lost in the touch of your body, I am alive. Lost in the look of your eyes, I  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 06:56 PM
A walk away by Best Friend
By Nafesha Badusha in True Story | Reads: 35 | Likes: 1
Though my mom seems to be my best friend, I prefer my soul best friend to share everything with fearless strategy. I started sky watching with headphones on full volume, shuffle mode on a newly created playlist(anyhow my playlist gonna be worst only). It is around 9:30 when the sky seemed mixed blac  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 06:57 PM
The Lost
By Jyotiprava in Poetry | Reads: 77 | Likes: 0
Peeping through the bars of inevitable thoughts My mind got stuck on the world not waken! Eyes wandered and looked for some moments there, Which left traces on the road less taken! _______________ From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn ! The perpetual lights drifts from Shrinking to shine, A portrait w  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 07:45 PM
A Father's love
By Smriti Sharma in General Literary | Reads: 35 | Likes: 0
Vishwalata had been adopted at the age of one by a kind hearted man named Mahdev. He had earlier adopted one more elephant, Lalita from the village circus two years back and children had given him the title of “hatti rakshak”( elephant saver).Mahadev lived in a tiny village Kurattikkadu,  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 07:54 PM
It's her
By Sanjana Wagh in Poetry | Reads: 37 | Likes: 0
It's her Everyday she blooms, Like a pretty little flower. I feel like, From the decades I know her. You were like a strawberry, Who sweetened my heart. I wish there was no one, Who can pull us apart. I bang my head, In the sake of frustration. Later I found out, I had for her a big infatuation. She  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 07:55 PM
Meloncholy of madness
By Smriti Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 40 | Likes: 0
You ask me what's my problem, where does it hurt ?Do I tell u the truth , about the nervousness that strikes in spurt or the throbbing pain on my chest Like a dagger stabbed right below my waist When darkness falls , the entire world sleeps A faithful friend , loneliness creepsOv  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 07:57 PM
Never lost
By Jyotiprava in Poetry | Reads: 46 | Likes: 0
The source was unknown From where it started  The mighty threshold bearer  vented happily and darted. _______________ The bubbly splash babbles when vaguely it travels along the pebbly curves  and gabbles when ravels. __________________ It burbles and plashes  Being reticent  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 07:58 PM
My best friend
By Asma shah in Poetry | Reads: 62 | Likes: 1
Her days are  all about Pages and ink And an electronic device  from within lights blink It is sometimes a mobile or sometimes  a bundle of pages, or piles Her orbs have fallen in love with the screen With every twists and plot And these bring about flickering in her openings The mome  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 09:22 PM