A Hug
By Manika Ekka in General Literary | Reads: 206 | Likes: 0
It was a calm evening. She went to dad’s study and pulled out a book to read. Dusted it,turned the pages it was all pale yellow. The pages smelt moist,some pages stuck to each other and some had dotted marks kind of rust. She was used to it. This was happening over a fortnight after   Read More...
Published on Aug 23,2020 01:51 AM
That's not my fault
By Deepika Manwani in Fantasy | Reads: 346 | Likes: 2
It's a world full of imaginations that a child has, nobody understood that. How he comes out of it that's interesting.  "Chirag stay here don't go outside", his mother shouted out. Still Chirag doesn't stopped and run out. His mother ran after him. She caught him and asked ,” Where are yo  Read More...
Published on Aug 23,2020 09:46 AM
Total Tea Time
By Mridula Singh in True Story | Reads: 382 | Likes: 3
Today my nine- year old son and I were strolling amidst the drizzle in the nearby upbeat market. We were there for a small job. Once the job was done the idyllic twosome was tempted by the waft of tea coming from the famous brand outlet. I glanced at him and he was already smiling in readiness. My s  Read More...
Published on Aug 23,2020 03:41 PM
The Chai Tapri Diaries Part 1
By Pranay Raj in General Literary | Reads: 258 | Likes: 0
The locality seemed calm, with huge apartments all around, and a small park at the corner of the entrance. As I walked furthur, I found a 10 storey building, It was painted in maroon and white, the building looked anew, and attractive. As I entered in through the gate, a person stopped me, he is the  Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 09:52 AM
Dear Best Friend
By Pranay Raj in Poetry | Reads: 323 | Likes: 0
Dear Best Friend, I never met someone as stupid and dumb as you, but it's your stupid advices that makes me smile, and when I'm down emotionally, and when I share my thoughts, thoughts that sometimes make me afraid of my future, you always find a way to encourage me, although at that time you may ha  Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 09:55 AM
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 248 | Likes: 2
Challenges To what extent we can take up the changes, are challenges Every situation rises how impactful I am How profoundly I experience with all the phases This is very new nowadays masking all the faces Before this challenge everyone was heading like races Challenges are not to dampen my enthusia  Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 11:44 AM
My ride to Thane
By Amogh Dhavalikar in True Story | Reads: 422 | Likes: 5
You all must know Thane city near Mumbai. Well, I live in Thane. Not exactly in Thane, much deeper inside, in Parsik Nagar (Kalwa). I used to ride my cycle to many places in Kalwa, but never went much further (at least not on my own). But within a few days I grew bored of riding on the same roads.   Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 01:09 PM
Girl Education
By Arjumand Tanveer in General Literary | Reads: 255 | Likes: 2
Girl Education: As we know that education is birth right of every human being so it means that it is also mandatory to educate a girl . When girls are educated that means every family is educated and educated girl can face all query in her life.      Educating a girl is not only benef  Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 03:16 PM
Mother earth!
By Sana Malhotra in General Literary | Reads: 236 | Likes: 0
We are nature. We are grounded. We are humble because of our mother earth. Mother earth never questions our existence. Mother earth gives freely. How we say that the best things in life are for free. The trees, the birds are all for us. We are mother earth's and mother earth is ours. How can we not   Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 03:42 PM
Love, Mirror
By Fiza Jalil Khatib in General Literary | Reads: 329 | Likes: 6
There were no unicorns, no fairies, nor elves in her story, Fatima lived a normal life with an abnormal reality. Her lack of confidence and introverted nature trapped her in the house for years, she was homeschooled until college. Her anxieties about life and the world were a foe to her talent, she   Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 06:27 PM
By Surendra Kumar Sagar in True Story | Reads: 458 | Likes: 0
EINSTEIN`S RELATIVITY AND DONALD CROWHURST`S SUICIDE   ``There is no such thing as a `Causality Violation Paradox`, as no law of science ever gets violated. Its just that the law of science needs to be understood perfectly`` This article aims at reducing the misunderstanding between Scientists  Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 09:35 PM
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 254 | Likes: 1
Transform Joyful day and energetic sunshine are bound to form But if you capable to transform.  Whether the rain or thunderstorm Standing balanced with enormous impact Physically strong and stable mind keeps you intact Bursting with energy even insects and worms Thinking too much following diff  Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 10:37 PM
Haunting the little one
By mahek in Horror | Reads: 253 | Likes: 0
little one , little one sleep the demons  are on haunt for the little ones  They are hungry for little one  little one, little one rush into your blanket  and close your eyes they are planning  to kidnap little one  The blood is dropping from their mouth  Their i  Read More...
Published on Aug 25,2020 02:37 PM
By SUNIL.S.SACHWANI in Travel | Reads: 264 | Likes: 0
                                                              BELIEVE IN YOURSELF            &n 
Published on Aug 25,2020 03:54 PM
Child's security!
By Sana Malhotra in General Literary | Reads: 198 | Likes: 0
A child goes to school everyday to learn and grow. He understands school as his second home. He trusts the teachers. He trusts everyone present in school. Question is about the child's security. A child is sent to school with full trust on teachers and the school system. A child thinks first from hi  Read More...
Published on Aug 25,2020 11:30 PM