Love as Easy as Pie?
By Aditi Jain in General Literary | Reads: 1,146 | Likes: 35
Love: As Easy As Pie? Once upon a time, it was a bright sunny day with birds chirping, sky bathing in the Golden rays of the sun and I, sun-kissed, blessed and gratified for life. Alright, I realize how funny that sounds and I will stop immediately. Presumably, everyone reading this is Homo sapiens   Read More...
Published on May 31,2020 03:28 PM
A Song to keep us warm
By Kaushik Raghunathan in Poetry | Reads: 1,104 | Likes: 5
Our star is destined by it's mass to become a white dwarf from which state it slowly loses more of its energy and becomes a black dwarf. A black dwarf's last vestiges of heat emits only as much light as the embers of fire one makes from gathered woods do. So when I watch a sunset, I am visited by a   Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 02:01 PM
By Prakash in General Literary | Reads: 1,102 | Likes: 17
THE CHOICE.......By Commodore G Prakash. ... I had to decide quickly between idli vada and puli shaadam (tamarind rice).  Though the train was likely to wait a while for the army of cleaners who had rushed into the bogies to finish their job,  the big crowd who had made it to the 'catering  Read More...
Published on Apr 3,2020 11:12 PM
Festivals, Traditions & Relationship
By Ramu Upadhaya in Thriller | Reads: 1,085 | Likes: 0
The festival Vaitika helps fortify the relationship between brothers and sisters of Gorkhas. Even the estranged brothers get the opportunity to patch up with their sisters during the celebration; for, in the majority of the cases, each estranged brother and sister feels deprived of being affectionat  Read More...
Published on May 2,2020 03:51 PM
By Sudipta Narayan Das in General Literary | Reads: 1,078 | Likes: 21
A PIECE OF CLAY Sridhar was busy at his desk when all of a sudden daughter Laxmi came running into the room. ‘Daddy there is a little boy sitting at our entrance,’ she said. Shreedhar looked at her and then got back to what he was doing. Little Laxmi went out. After a while Laxmi was ba  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 10:44 PM
Chicken Cutlet
By Eleena Sanyal Banerji in General Literary | Reads: 1,049 | Likes: 8
Chicken Cutlet They all made a beeline to the ATM. Rukmini stood behind at least a dozen. A gnarled old man lay next to the bus stop in rags. A dirty, long beard grew out of his face. He smiled faintly at her in drunken stupor. The man standing inside the deeply air-conditioned kiosk withdrew cash   Read More...
Published on Mar 28,2020 10:59 AM
Heart break poetry
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Poetry | Reads: 1,040 | Likes: 5
1) Kiyaa karu us dil kaa jo dharakte dharakte kabhi kabaar rukh jaataa hain,aisaas nahi bachi us dharkan me jo hameshaa tere liye hotaa hain,nafrat ki toofaan hain dil me jisme harpal  tu hi tu rehti hain,tere pyaar me dubaa itnaa ki apni zindagi se shikaayat hone lagi hain 2) Humne uthaayaa u  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 12:49 PM
By Kapilendra Das in General Literary | Reads: 1,038 | Likes: 13
COVID–19: HAUNTS INDIA         KAPILENDRA DAS There is a global battle against COVID–19. Why? COVID-19 is an acronym that stands for CORONAVIRUS DISEASE of 2019. It is an alternative name given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in a press release on 2nd  Read More...
Published on Apr 29,2020 10:51 AM
Being Human
By Ranjith in Poetry | Reads: 1,037 | Likes: 0
Being Human...What we have done?A question sound to look around. It isn't a tell-tale, Here it is hell, for a while. Nightmares came alive, off our dreams. Where do we go? What do we do?Here is the puzzle. We know where it starts, We ain't, where it finishes. Yet, nothing new to furnish. Pandemic, t  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 07:04 PM
By Kavindi M. Jayasinghe in Poetry | Reads: 1,028 | Likes: 21
Haven't seen you in months, you've been away. Dreams about you awaken desires in me. They are soft, innocent in a way Searching, wanting your love in a lonesome sea. To run my fingers through your hair , To watch that smile cross your face, Like a shooting star on the night sky, so bare. To stay wra  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 05:48 PM
Filter and Flaws
By Namrata Dev in Poetry | Reads: 1,021 | Likes: 9
Snapping out of the snapchat filters I embraced the filter free days Knowing I’ll be thoroughly exposed Of all my deepest shames My double chinned face And the acne scar trace Fat waist and a flat chest Split ends and old school trends Thick thighs and sunken eyes Tiny palms and faded hair dye  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 09:52 PM
By Dr Romi Singla in General Literary | Reads: 1,013 | Likes: 1
COVID-19 AND TUBERCULOSIS: ONE'S GLORY THE OTHER'S OBSCURITY Since December 2019, the new disease COVID-19 (by novel corona virus), announced as a pandemic by the WHO on 11 March 2020,  has risen to the total number of 258 confirmed cases in India(as on 21/03/2020). So far, four deaths have bee  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 09:30 AM
By Jayasudha Bhaskaran in General Literary | Reads: 1,010 | Likes: 17
The family lived in a small thatched hut which was about to fall off. The hut was abandoned by the owner as it was damaged.They claimed the ownership of the hut from then on as they had no permanent place to live in and lived along the sides of the roads, markets and railway stations. Being a very p  Read More...
Published on Apr 16,2020 04:36 PM
The blue pen
By Stuti Nanda in Romance | Reads: 972 | Likes: 50
Wearing the perfectly ironed shirt, leatherboots and his lucky charm, his amulet, the fastrack watch gifted by his father, Shaurya got almost ready for the interview. Looking into the mirror in the courtyard, he said to himself-“wow Shaurya! You are looking smart!! After keeping his documents  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 10:25 AM
Her Pink Handbag
By Surabhi Kaushik in General Literary | Reads: 963 | Likes: 7
Kabir grew restless as he heard the light rail approaching, but his eyes continued their search for her. He was pretty sure the pink handbag lying on the bench next to him was hers. She would be coming back to get it, anytime soon. It looked familiar. Vaguely familiar to be more precise, because he   Read More...
Published on Apr 10,2020 04:39 AM