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Life, why so mischievous?
By Abhishek Singh in Romance | Reads: 871 | Likes: 31
There were few people in the Metro coach that day. I had managed to find an unreserved seat – an achievement, considering the humongous number of people who commute via the Metro every day. I was returning home after a very long day at college. My tired eyes searched for some peace in one of A  Read More...
Published on Apr 20,2020 09:07 PM
Lonely Nights
By sanjana bhowmick in Romance | Reads: 871 | Likes: 12
Sitting in the veranda, sipping wine, Tarini suddenly feels breathing down her neck. Before she could turn around to react, she was embraced with a tight hug and a peck on her left ear. “Hey, where are you lost?”, asks Tarun. “Nothing looking up into the sky and thanking my stars,"  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 05:09 PM
Pain story
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Poetry | Reads: 864 | Likes: 4
Lost everything in vain Where nothing was spared There was too much sadness and pain But as said by my father that life is not gainful without any pain Nature is itself a threat When it comes to customisation Because nature disagrees with human customs And human denies natural realisation -Pankaj   Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 01:00 PM
Living dead
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Poetry | Reads: 862 | Likes: 4
When our stomach is empty and we are thirsty It feels like our lives are wasted in vain And our life ends in complete pain. Keeping our family out of coverage of hunger is  a tough job That is why God and Goddess blessed us with  intelligence and dignity We strive and finally move towards  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 05:38 PM
Faded - A Story Of Broken Dreams
By Asrar Ul Haque in Romance | Reads: 859 | Likes: 8
It was so calm and cool, that evening, when she went to meet Shehriyar. She laid on the ground  with her head placed in Shehriyar's lap, looking at the sky full of stars. That evening  Haya had untied her hair, as Shehriyar liked, and it seemed she was showering flowers with her  brea  Read More...
Published on Jul 25,2020 09:23 PM
By Vardhan in Poetry | Reads: 858 | Likes: 18
Darkness is not despair, though we have made it to be. It is not a fear a monster (incorrectly named, for monstrum meant ‘the one who warns’ / we are constant perpetuators of misnomers for we believe the old demons to be gods). It is simply the absence of light, the unknown. And man huma  Read More...
Published on Mar 24,2020 04:05 AM
By sudhanshu bhardwaj in True Story | Reads: 854 | Likes: 1
सुनीता की शादी के अभी सिर्फ तीन वर्ष हीं बीते थे कि एक दिन उसके पति को साँप ने डंस लिया और देखते ही देखते उसकी संसार स  Read More...
Published on Mar 28,2020 12:06 AM
Travelling is better than arriving
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Travel | Reads: 854 | Likes: 4
 Travel to the land utmost of all Leaving behind everything and going to abode Never thought to return back in the initial place  It was termed as " travelled all over". When we never think to return back Just moving to a place and never arrived back I was forced by circumstances to  Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 01:41 AM
Living in Harmony
By Dhwani Jain in General Literary | Reads: 851 | Likes: 8
The current world situation struggling to deal with the deadly COVID19 pandemic is the result of the irresponsible actions of the human race only. We humans have been abusing the Mother Earth from ages. Life is a boomerang. What you give you get.  Our misdeeds have put us all in danger! Mankin  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 08:02 PM
Who will cry, when I'll die?
By Panvi Rawal in Poetry | Reads: 844 | Likes: 7
               WHO WILL CRY, WHEN I'll DIE? Will it be the birds, eagerly waiting for their daily grains on my porch? Or will it be the faithful dogs who bark, even with the slightest beam of a torch? Will it be the pleasant winds, who wake me up from my bea  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 12:46 PM
By Namrata Dev in Thriller | Reads: 842 | Likes: 0
The minute I got out of the car and retired my shades to my head the first thing I noticed was how blindingly bright it was and how grateful I was for those shades, now resting on the top of my head. There was a light cool breeze that was refreshing contrasting the sultry atmosphere. I was sweating   Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 10:00 PM
The Visitor
By Sudhir Rao in True Story | Reads: 840 | Likes: 9
It was dusk. She walked through the house switching on the lights in the Kitchen, the Pooja Room and the living room. She was alone, as she had often been since she got married years ago. Her husband was out on a Marketing tour, something that happened quite frequently. Her son was abroad and she ho  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 11:29 PM
If Words Could Speak.
By Ankita Saha in Poetry | Reads: 835 | Likes: 13
The skinny edges against the parched lawn, still drenched in the early morning raindrops, tasted a little cold, gray and soft. I opened my hair and let it fall. So I can feel it more and feel it all, The chill in the breeze, As it brushed through my face, Through its fictitious bareness, Washing off  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:28 PM
The fertility treatment
By Filter Koffee Chronicles in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 832 | Likes: 11
Muthu and his father in law, Varadhan were waiting anxiously outside the doctor’s room.  They both had been waiting for over 2 hours now. The doctor, they could see was extremely busy, dealing with a wide spectrum of cases and complaints. Many people, just like them, were only there to ha  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 02:37 AM
Change is forever,constant,everlasting in the world
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Supernatural | Reads: 827 | Likes: 4
Change is forever,constant,everlasting in the world: Forever is a myth, Temporary is the only permanent energy in the world, Life without change is a myth World without dynamic factors is a lie, The only truth is change is everlasting and forever in our heart. Change is constant, Life is mysterious  Read More...
Published on Apr 25,2020 10:59 AM