Boys Don't Cry? But Men Do!
By NILKAMAL MUKHARJEE in Poetry | Reads: 722 | Likes: 9
I’m a Man,You’re a Man,From me to You,Not Lots of words, but few   It’s okay if your wife earns more,Only important is, she loves you from the core,It’s okay if you got defeated by your sister,Maybe, that’s why she can beat the molesterIt’s okay if your crush  Read More...
Published on Mar 25,2020 07:01 PM
A tale for future
By Teevra in General Literary | Reads: 721 | Likes: 11
"LOCKDOWN"- I had never heard that word before, not attentively at the least, until now. Many of us had our grandma narrate old tales from their Pandora's box, about the emergency situations, world war black-outs, times when no household was allowed to leave the lights of their houses on or the enem  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 02:26 AM
Love Marriage Arranged Marriage
By Joy R Bhamre in Romance | Reads: 717 | Likes: 1
  It was a long time ago. Perhaps not really that long a time that I could tell you I was this carefree college girl in jeans or the junior college girl in the teensy miniskirt. I was really neither of those girls. I was the girl who believed in convention or rather believed that if I did step   Read More...
Published on Apr 28,2020 06:32 PM
My father is a soldier
By Soumi Mukherjee in True Story | Reads: 717 | Likes: 58
We sleep silent, breathe alive                                              
Published on Jun 20,2020 10:31 PM
Heal the World
By Deepti Menon in General Literary | Reads: 717 | Likes: 11
“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” So, there is a virus out there, running circles around the whole world, a world that prided itself on its development spearheaded by the most intelligent species ever – the homo sapiens. Men and women who began as hu  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 03:20 PM
The Guest
By Anushka Chatterjee in Thriller | Reads: 716 | Likes: 12
“Mom, if you’re reading this, I expect you to call me soon.” The pointer slips off and almost within a pair of restless seconds, the phone tings, tearing the hush of the room. My note has been rightfully dispatched, with no certainty of an answer. I pick up a lately ignored novel f  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 01:21 PM
By Prakash in General Literary | Reads: 715 | Likes: 21
MILITARY SOLUTION By Commodore G Prakash (retired)   We called him Maangaandi (Malayalam for mango kernel). We named him so, in celebration of the numerous shrunken mango kernels, with thin strands of fibre sticking on them, that littered our school. These were discarded by the cadets after enj  Read More...
Published on Apr 12,2020 03:09 PM
The Last Time We Kissed
By Yuvraj Singh in Romance | Reads: 704 | Likes: 13
We were on the way to the airport, and everything seemed very dull. We couldn't look at each other even once. And... How could we? Ashish and I were together for almost five years. And now... I was leaving for London, all alone. The silence was soo hurting that I couldn't even gulp my saliva. Every   Read More...
Published on Oct 8,2020 11:41 PM
By Ashima Syal in General Literary | Reads: 703 | Likes: 10
Projection, the very art of projection and appearance. Withholding within the inner turmoil and projecting a sugar coated reality.  Fears, bearing fears and guarding them, not facing them, not letting lose of them, not being able to showcase them, not being able to talk about them, always creat  Read More...
Published on Apr 10,2020 09:30 PM
By Suchismita Ghoshal in Poetry | Reads: 703 | Likes: 7
The world slowly proceeds to bid adieu, Humans slowly losing grips from emotions, Wearing plastic skin of lustrous hoax, They fail to offer aubade to nature. As I sit here in my home, Thoughts aren't leaving me until I reach the tombs Of everything never got the right to survive, The touch of healin  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 04:05 PM
Black Day
By Anbudan Miththiran in True Story | Reads: 702 | Likes: 0
  Going out for two days has become an impossible task. A thought that seems too old!   Nothing like that has aged. It is now past sixty. He is a former minister.   Every day when he was a minister, people used to come to see him in large numbers. Frequent trips abroad, people's pro  Read More...
Published on Jul 18,2020 05:30 PM
Corona virus
By deepal verma in Poetry | Reads: 700 | Likes: 4
Sansar mein aaya hai naya mehmaan lekr virus ka naam  Jabhi toh bich rhe hai lasey har sham  Masahari khaney ki bhook mein tum doobona  Nhi toh avasya ho jayega tumhe corona  Agar tum chahte ho jeena  Toh saaf safaye rakhne se na rona  Bas ek sanitaizer Or mask he to  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 04:24 PM
आत्मा का रिश्ता
By Anuja Kaushik in True Story | Reads: 698 | Likes: 7
"आलू ले लो.. प्याज़ ले लो " की आवाज़ इतनी तेज़ बारिश में भी सुनाई दे रही थी..सर्दी का मौसम था. जैसे ही छाता लेकर बाहर आई तो दे  Read More...
Published on May 14,2020 12:30 PM
Life's Turning Point
By Anuj Subrat in General Literary | Reads: 691 | Likes: 167
“Does life really takes turns” asked by a practical student Stephen to himself. He was a ravishingly student of physics, by applying so many law of physics, he wanted to get the answer of that question, but he felt that he was failed to got the answer of this question. His mind couldn&rs  Read More...
Published on May 21,2020 08:41 PM
Limbo of the lost
By Kanishka Roy in Thriller | Reads: 691 | Likes: 18
As first impressions go, his were never great. He looked more like a castaway than the captain of a ship. He was in his early 60's. He had shaggy salt and pepper hair  ending at his shoulders. A patch of yellow around his lips faded into a discolored white beard, slowly encroaching it's way do  Read More...
Published on May 13,2020 06:44 PM