Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer

I have more than 6 years experience in PHP.


The Napoleon of the people

Books by Honore De Blazac

Notion Press proudly brings to you timeless classics from ancient texts to popular modern classics. This carefully chosen collection of books is a celebration of literature, our tribute to the pioneers, the legends and the giants of the literary world. 

Apart from being the voice of indie writers, we also want to introduce every reader to read all kinds of literature.

In this series, you will find a wide range of books—from popular c

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Quantum of notion 3

Books by Selva

The book description is a marketing pitch that goes on the back cover of your book and on sites like Amazon. It should be short, compelling and reveal just enough so that the reader would yearn to know more. It is usually written in third-person narrative. The book description can have up to 1,500 characters, including spaces, or about 300 words

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Motivated YouTube Channels in Tamil

By Selva in Supernatural | Reads: 1,757 | Likes: 2

Reason for write this list: Few days back, I realized that social media are controlled me their need.  So many content comes as suggestion which is not required at the time.  If i planned to spend 15 min on YouTube. Do you think i can exits exact 15 min, No! not possible. They give me  Read More...

Published on Apr 9,2020 02:17 AM

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