एक डायरी
By Piyush in Poetry | Reads: 524 | Likes: 1
एक डायरी जो बिन बोले बहुत कुछ बोल जाती है, बिना आवाज किये ही बहुत कुछ बोल जाती है। एक डायरी इंसान की एक सच्ची दोस्त हो  Read More...
Published on May 13,2020 11:55 PM
The Tsunami
By Prabindh Sundareson in Mystery | Reads: 524 | Likes: 0
Kattapanai. A remote village in the south of the Indian sub-continent. Dec 25 10 AM: There was a festive mood in the air. Paper stars rustled in their fake glory, hanging onto the past. Bare bodied boys ran around with glee. Siluva could recognise some of them, born just last year.   The sea a  Read More...
Published on Mar 28,2020 12:39 PM
Night at Forest
By Shruti Lad in Thriller | Reads: 524 | Likes: 7
"It was such strange and horrible night I can remember.", said Shreya sitting with two of her friend Kriti and Riya at the hostel room. "It was just like a dreadful dream but we are filled with excitement whenever recall it.", Kriti continued. "Yes because it was you because of which it occurred.",   Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 12:01 PM
By Abhishek mishra ji in Poetry | Reads: 524 | Likes: 0
ये सोचतें हुए कि इस महामारी से,होजाएंगे सब एकजुट,इंसानियत तो नहीं दिखी यहाँ, बस दिखा फ़ितरत और झूठ,.कैसे बचेगा देश ये   Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 05:50 AM
Story turned My Life in a Horrifying Journey
By Harshit Goyal (Lucifer) in Horror | Reads: 524 | Likes: 1
 [Once when my father had gone to a place for the business purpose I was with my brother and mother at the sleeping time we use to pay the story game and that day also we played. I told a story which according to them was boring but was the demon calling story and it was unknown to me that it i  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:44 PM
Yelling Spirit "Ajuma" - Thiruvarur
By Saba Saleem in Sci-fi | Reads: 524 | Likes: 0
The going got tougher. "Ajuma" an aunt, city representative beside hut was helping people on going aisle in Thiruvarur. She spoke "University" and nodded. Gradually, Koreans compare hardships to climbing mountains, and say a long, difficult journey is like going over "99 hills". Life is full of ups   Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 01:03 PM
Story Time
By Alka Kansra in General Literary | Reads: 523 | Likes: 10
Story time  Its always an opportunity to listen to music of your choice when on a long drive. The other day while driving back from Delhi after a short stay with my daughter and my little twin grandchildren. We were listening Jagjit Singh. One of his most popular songs “Wo Kagaz Ki Kasht  Read More...
Published on Mar 29,2020 06:17 PM
By Asima Nayak in Poetry | Reads: 523 | Likes: 37
In the yellowish dusty burning sand, Longed for an oases in the critic band. He was a mirage that had disappeared; Under the same blue black blurred sky, The pink moon stood high. Clouds bid bye to the palms, Scorching sun kissing the arms. Letting it roll down the lips, To the white cottony pillows  Read More...
Published on Apr 9,2020 08:31 AM
By Harsh Goyal in Poetry | Reads: 523 | Likes: 0
Bachpan yaad hai ?  Haan wahi bachpan  Jab tum puri raat roya  karte the  Tumhare ghar pe sab  bari bari soya karte the Hawa me jab tumhe  uchala  jata tha  Dil tumhari maa ka baitha jata tha  Aank micholi khele tumhe hasaya jata tha Kaun khaya kaun kh  Read More...
Published on Jun 18,2020 11:57 PM
By Disha chaudhari in True Story | Reads: 522 | Likes: 3
Nayak Ek mariz hota hai Jo Apne Ghar Mai bimar padta hai ass pados walon ko uski bimari ke bare Mai pata chalta hai aur usse COVID Ka daar satane lagta hai, gala uska sukh jata hai, pasina pasina hojata sab log duri banaye Uske samne khade rehete hai tabhi vo marz waha khade logon se pani manta hai   Read More...
Published on May 25,2020 07:37 PM
Have patriarchy caused the world to be half-developed?
By Srp Adhavan in General Literary | Reads: 522 | Likes: 5
Have patriarchy caused the world to be half-developed to what it could potentially have been? I have always thought, how would have been the world now! if there had been lesser dissimilarities of treatment among genders, Not the natural differences but what were man made and some which evolved slow  Read More...
Published on Mar 27,2020 12:17 PM
By Sowmya Ramesh in Poetry | Reads: 521 | Likes: 2
Cased away with all things precious Photographs, heirlooms and more Never ceased to give comfort, if not joy Easy to recollect but not so easy to forget- Are the memories that our mind holds As you tug harder the further they seem to drift The more you seek to lose them, the harder they cling on to   Read More...
Published on Apr 6,2020 12:01 AM
Ganesha under the royal tree
By Anbudan Miththiran in Mythology | Reads: 521 | Likes: 0
"Ganesha is waiting all over the street, at junctions, under the royal trees. What is he waiting for? People tell the story that he is waiting for his wife to be like his mother. But, my view is that Ganesha, the God of knowledge, is sitting at the junctions and under the trees to save the unwitting  Read More...
Published on Aug 17,2020 01:11 PM
By Miss Supriya Senapati in Mystery | Reads: 521 | Likes: 1
He is like a star for her , whom she can only admire. He is a dream which can never be true. Of course he is a very good friend of her. But will she ever be able to love him just as a friend....?  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 12:35 PM
By Surendra Kumar Sagar in Horror | Reads: 521 | Likes: 0
                                                 DEEP   STATES In a certain parallel universe, something happened on the planet Earth on September 11 2001.  I  Read More...
Published on Jul 29,2020 05:33 PM