The Missing Stapler
By Simran Raina in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 748 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0
With his second visit to Simr’s place, commemorated the memory of Simr’s missing stapler that Simr saw in his hands for the last time, during his first visit one year back. That time Simr was packing his stuff as was moving out to the new accommodation. And somewhere this stapler got mis  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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Beginning of War I : Dead man tell no tales
By Sivarao in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 669 | பிடித்தமானவை: 1
CHAPTER I: Rising Enemy Present          The attack was already started at the school. The students and teachers were confused about what's going on outside.  The terrorists have started to lock down the school perimeter and the enemies are closing in but, Rorke and   மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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By Namrata Dev in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 1,012 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0
The minute I got out of the car and retired my shades to my head the first thing I noticed was how blindingly bright it was and how grateful I was for those shades, now resting on the top of my head. There was a light cool breeze that was refreshing contrasting the sultry atmosphere. I was sweating   மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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The Guest
By Anushka Chatterjee in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 973 | பிடித்தமானவை: 12
“Mom, if you’re reading this, I expect you to call me soon.” The pointer slips off and almost within a pair of restless seconds, the phone tings, tearing the hush of the room. My note has been rightfully dispatched, with no certainty of an answer. I pick up a lately ignored novel f  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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By Vidushi Arya in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 465 | பிடித்தமானவை: 1
The night was dark and mysterious, coating everything with a velvety blanket of charcoal black, freckled with white to paint the most mesmerising picture of the galaxy I'd seen in all my summers. Walking to the place that housed some of our most precious memories wasn't easy, but it had to be done.   மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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By Harshit Chhabra in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 348 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0
“So, you can’t sleep. I hear, Jerry, that’s an unusual name.” “Nightmares”, Jerry gave Dr. Sharma a look devoid of any hope or the spark that fuels the spirits of the young minds such as Jerry. “What kind of nightmares?” “The kind that cannot be   மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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गरीबो की दर्द भरी दास्तां कौन सुने ?
By Dr Jagdish Prasad in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 723 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0
बेचारे गरीब इंसान को बेरहम ऊपरवाले ने इस संसार में इस तरह पटक दिया है मानो गली में पड़ा केले का छिलका ! जो हर वाहन के   மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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क्या से क्या हो जाता है पार्ट 3
By Mandeep Singh script king in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 908 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0  इसके सभी पार्ट पढ़ने  के लिए  इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें     मेरे दोस्तों इसे  लाइक  जरूर क  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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By ASHVIN KALSARIYA in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 430 | பிடித்தமானவை: 1
“અંત જ આરંભ છે” બસ આ એક વાકયે જ એક નાનકડા દસ વર્ષ ના બાળક ની જીંદગી બદલી નાખી હતી.સુરત શહેર થી થોડેક દૂર એક વિશાળ ફ  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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By Sangeeth in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 802 | பிடித்தமானவை: 1
                          UNDER-TRIALLate nightsEmpty roadsLonely car ridesSoothing music These moments have become a regular feature, on my way back home after work hours. It  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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By Karra Neha in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 302 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0
It was a warm windy evening . The Summer loo blew at an uneven pace . The industrialist sat engrossed in examing the stats of his business. "Tring " it was the door bell ringing the industrialist pulled  his hair hard . "Tring ... tring .... tring there were a series of continous ringings . Agi  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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By Chithra Rangarajan in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 436 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0
The Hero breaks open the gate and enters an old factory. He finds his parents tied to a post and a ticking time bomb fixed to their bodies. He battles against the villain and rescues his parents. As a child I grew up watching this predictable climax in most of the movies made in any Indian language.  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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Kingdom of The Farthest Fears
By Rayna Arora in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 466 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0
It was a rainy day at Bloomsbury Cross and the television was on at full volume at the Hilton’s. A young boy  with auburn hair and emerald eyes ogled at the scenery outside his window wishing to his heart’s content that he wasn’t stuck inside. A voice called him suddenly, &ldq  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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By Arinjay Ghosh in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 803 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0
She got out of the tuition class with a smiling face. The teacher had praised her after a long three weeks. She could not wait to tell her mom about it. As she walked out, waving at her friends, she was confused. She expected to see the silver coloured sedan car parked beside the yellow double-store  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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By Anushka in Thriller | வாசிக்கப்பட்டவை: 391 | பிடித்தமானவை: 0
Silence. The forest was engulfed by silence even through the harsh and obnoxious pelting of raindrops on the muddy ground, wild boar’s grunt and the night crawlers’ screeches. For Bhumi these sounds were nothing compared to the silenced heartbeats of her brother or her sobs which she had  மேலும் வாசிக்க...
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