Dr. Suresh Chandra Raj

Dr. Suresh Chandra Raj was born in a poor, rural, sugar-cane growing household in Wailevu, Labasa, Fiji Islands. Through the guidance of his parents and his own hard work, he completed his undergraduate studies in Auckland, New Zealand and postgraduate studies in Sydney, Australia. In his career Suresh Chandra Raj, a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, went on to become an international civil servant. During his career, he has been involved in institutional strengthening and capacity building programme in over a hundred developing countries in all parts of the World. Dr. Raj plays his role with a lot of empathy and a deeper understanding of the why’s and how’s of the purpose of life. Read More...

A Lifetime

Books by Morris Fenris

A Lifetime is the story of a struggle. Of one man born into nothing and who fights to make his way through life, to leave the place of his birth -- a place of suffering and strife -- and to create a new life elsewhere. To find himself a wife, to start a family and to achieve the things he thought unachievable. It is a story of success, loss, delight and grief; a story of what it means to have everything and what it feels like to have nothing. It is also a st

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Change Your Life Overnight

Books by Suresh Chandra Raj, PhD

This book contains 101 potent and inspiring quotes to remind us of the deeper realities of life. Each of these quotes points to the deeper nature of life and reminds us of why we are in this World. I have also interpreted each of the quotes from my perspective and proposed action steps in relation to each quote. In analyzing the quotes, I have tried to portray positive issues that are important to me such as love, gratitude, self-reflection, and success.

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