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A Lifetime

by Morris Fenris

Format: Paperback

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A Lifetime is the story of a struggle. Of one man born into nothing and who fights to make his way through life, to leave the place of his birth -- a place of suffering and strife -- and to create a new life elsewhere. To find himself a wife, to start a family and to achieve the things he thought unachievable. It is a story of success, loss, delight and grief; a story of what it means to have everything and what it feels like to have nothing. It is also a story of the very special bond between a Father and his daughter.

Morris Fenris was born into a poor family in the Fiji Islands. Thanks to his own grit and determination, and the support of his loving parents, he was able to leave the country of his birth and begin on a journey that has seen him attain a number of degrees and work all over the world. He is now enjoying life with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Morris has been writing since childhood, drawing on his experiences in life and emulating the styles of his favorites authors. A Lifetime, a story into which Morris weaves experiences from his own childhood, is his first published story.

Morris enjoys reading and writing in a wide range of genres and has plans for many more books. If you want to get in touch with the author, please message him on Twitter @MorrisFenris, find him on Facebook or send him an email:




A Lifetime





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