Vineeta Asthana

Academician & Author
Academician & Author

Vineeta Asthana is a noted name in the field of Media Academics. She has worked with top media institutions, including, Indian Express Group, Network 18 Group, Dainik Jagran Group, Dainik Jagran's institute, and Indian Institute of Mass Communication among others. She is a published and bilingual author. Vineeta Asthana is currently working with Prestigious IIT Delhi as a Project Coordinator for DIA (Doctoral-fellowship In India for ASEAN). Vineeta joined this project looking at the possibility of establishing Education Diplomacy in India. This programme will be a game-changer and a milestone Read More...


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Books by विनीता अस्थाना

कहानी 1993 के कानपुर में श्रुति और समीर से शुरू हो कर, लखनऊ में सुम्बुल से होती हुई उस कगार पर पहुँचती है, जहाँ से तीनों की राहें अलग हो गई थीं। बचपन के प्यार और लड़कपन के रिश्तों की चुट

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