Aaqib Javaid

A writer, poet, traveller and influencer.
A writer, poet, traveller and influencer.

A Ph.D. Scholar at Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali. A growing researcher in the field of nanosciences for the cure of some lethal diseases, related to the cardiovascular system.  Born and brought up in District Poonch of Jammu and Kashmir, India. An influencer, a poet, and a writer with more than 200 poems and a book "The state of love".   Read More...



Books by Aaqib Javaid

I realized the day I wrote my first poem that poetry is a really fancy thing that is not for me. But, since I wrote my first gazal to my love, poetry has been my language for expressing love, romance, and infatuation. And for those who think poets are all broken lovers, 
"Jinhe lagta hai hmara ishq men ye haal hai
nahi, suniye, ye to bass dasvi ki urdu ka kmaal hai". 
This book, "Collection from the Night," is a collection of my first 100

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Books by Aaqib Javaid

In this world where blindness or lameness stand tall as the worst disabilities, the unfamiliar existence of unearthing your true gender tends to be inferior to bodily infirmity. The transworld is a tale of a girl, a female by birth who drove through the agony and humiliation of personal societal identification of being a transgender. Shattering the glass ceiling, Richa presents a riveting tale of getting through the UPSC civil services exam conditioned through

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Books by Aaqib Javaid Azaan

To me, poetry is anything I think and write about her, thus this book is a collection of my longing, love, internal anguish, romance, and current state of love. It's all about the time I spend in that state; after her, this is my only treasure. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to speak my mind with the rest of the world. I hope that when you've read the poems, you'll give me a place in your hearts

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Bla Bla Car

By Aaqib Javaid in Crime Thriller | Reads: 2,633 | Likes: 17

Bla Bla Car 16 October 2021   Police came to my house very early in the morning asking for me with an arrest warrant in their hand. My mom asked what I had done and on what basis I was being dragged to the police station. They listened to nothing and dragged me along with them straight to the p  Read More...

Published on Jun 25,2022 09:21 PM

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